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  1. Thanks for responding ahoeben. I have just changed the GCode setting to "Marlin" and seen that it enables diversified settings for temperatures. One question left, now the GCode setting is changed from Ultimaker to Marlin, is this GCode still compatible with my Ultimaker 2 + Olssen Block?
  2. I have an Ultimaker2 + Olssen Block and I use Cura 3.2.1. I have read that it is possible to tune several temperature settings for the Ultimaker2 through Cura. I have been deep digging in the Material settings in Cura, but have not succeeded in finding and activating them. How do I do that?
  3. Found the place for reporting issues at GitHub. Also found out that the issue has been recognised by Ultimaker. It will be solved through the next firmware version. Manually this can be solved by adding command in the Code file.
  4. Thank you Jerome for trying to help. Unfortunately, changing to a Windows PC and software does not work for me as I don't have that available. Do you know how to make a direct report of this bug to Ultimaker?
  5. Thanks tinkergnome, for responding! It is an old thread, but I wanted to prevent to start new threads about the same issue. In fact the issue I was having is no different than described here. Exactly the same happened. I noticed it happened after having updated Cura to the latest version 3.2.1. Nevertheless, I now also noticed that it happened with a specific 3D design. Printing a different objet after it, did not have the issue of the nozzle hanging at the end position at the end of the printing. So I am still not sure whether it is Cura/firmware or the 3D design of the object.
  6. I have the same with my Ultimaker2, though I'm not using USB printing. The nozzle stays on top of the print, on the last print position, and does not move away from the object. It then first extrudes some extra filament, leaving a clogged of plastic on the object. Just after that the nozzle moves away. How can I change this?
  7. Hi, I have printed a whistle I got from Thingiverse (1179160). I used PLA filament from Ultimaker with the following print settings: Quality (layer height) Fast & low 0.2 mm Shell thickness 0.8 mm Bottom/Top thickness 0.8 mm Fill density 100% Speed (mm/s) 40 Combing Mode (Retract) No Skin Ironing (pattern) Zig Zag Iron only highest layer No Initial Layer Thickness 0.3 mm Material PLA Yellow | UM Scale 100% Nozzle temperature 220 Buildplate temperature 70 Glue None Support type None Platform adhesion type None Travel speed nozzle 120 mm/s Unfortunately, the all surfaces (top and all sides) are not smooth and have material as small points sticking out. (See attached picture) Can anyone recommend what to do to prevent this effect?
  8. Ik zoek een functie die mij kan helpen om het aanbrengen van lijm op de buildplate te vereenvoudigen. Als ik lijm aanbreng, haal ik de glasplaat vaak uit de printer. Maar waar ik (wel of niet) de lijm moet aanbrengen is een beetje gokken. Ik kan me voorstellen dat het mogelijk is om vanuit Cura een afdruk op mijn laserprinter te maken. En dat hierop de layout van het heated bed is te zien en de eerste laag van de footprint van het object. Als ik deze afdruk onder het glas leg, kan ik deze als template gebruiken om de lijm precies op de goede plek aan te brengen. Is dit mogelijk? ============================================================= I am looking for a helpful function to make adding glue to the heated bed easier. When I put glue on the glass, I mostly take the glass out. But where to exactly put glue (and where not) is sometimes a guess. I imagine it could be possible to make a print from Cura on my laserprinter, that shows the exact layout of the heated bed including (only) the footprint (so the first layer) of the object to be printed. This print I would like to put underneath the glass, so it becomes a template to help me put the glue in the right place. Is this possible?
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