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  1. Hello geert_2, thank you for answering! Thanks for your security concerns, the sterilizing is not done by me but by a hopital supplier, they have all the safety measures and have both sterilizing methods. I will try talking to them and see if they can sterilize at 45°C and maybe for longer periods of time. Thanks
  2. I recently tried sterilizing a hollow PLA part under Eto (ethylene oxide) and the part warped. It was sterilized for 3.5 hours between 45 - 60°C and then left some hours resting. Has anyone succeded sterilizing PLA prints under Eto or Sterrad (hydrogen peroxide gas plasma) methods? Is it possible to sterilize using different temperatures or times? I will try again with a 100% dense part and check if the outcome is different. Any help would be appreciated.
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