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  1. Alright, I tried 14.09.0 and it behaves exactly the same as before the firmware downgrade :( I'm going to open a support ticket - A student wanted to be able to use it by Wednesday but I doubt that's possible at the moment.
  2. I will give 14.09 a shot tomorrow and report back here. Thank you so much!
  3. You can see the top of the red filament in the video - it never reaches the second half of the bowden tube nor the extruder. I don't know where pressure would be building up in such a situation since the filament is very free to move within the tube. I was in move material mode both times so those sounds should have been the same (I would think at least!). Additionally, the motor never rotates backward - it just takes smaller steps. Note that even when it was "clicky" the red filament was still moving forward ever-so-slowly and was nowhere near the end of the tube. Also, I don't know quit
  4. Really? I'm aware that the noise after turning it off and on again (24 seconds) is normal, but the "clicky-sounding" one at the beginning also rotates the motor less per turn of the dial on the front. This shows up in prints as severe under-extrusion, but only after a few layers have printed since the problem doesn't occur until the machine has been powered up for a few minutes.
  5. I've uploaded a video of it clicking and turning back on without issue to YouTube: I have since run the Extruder stepper without being attached to the back of the printer and the clicking still occurs. Should I try switching the E and Z motors? The software has the current set differently for the two by default, but they both look to be the same. I haven't tried messing with the Ultimaker firmware before, but if it's like Marlin then I'd like to try to switch their ports in the software (only switching connectors on the board rather than actual motors) to try to rule out a bad stepper dr
  6. Hi all! My school has owned an Ultimaker 2 for almost a year now, and thus far I've been able to fix any issues which have come along (I've owned a Solidoodle for almost 3 years now so I'm not new to hobbyist 3D printers). Recently, however, the UM2 has developed an issue which I am completely stumped by: About 10 minutes after being turned on the extruder motor clicks and skips steps with or without filament. This happens regardless of whether the printer has been operated or idle (it does start earlier if trying to print something) and persists until the printer is turned off and on agai
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