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  1. @Sandervg, about bold formatting: if i edit post with bad formatting, text become normal state. Another strange thing: if someone quote me on forum, in notifications i see two reminds about it. Looks like users posts publicate twice.
  2. Run these: sudo find / -path /var/ -prune -or -size +250M -print Whats size of /usr/bin/updatedb.mlocate?
  3. Try ps aux | grep mlocate and post results Maybe updatedb.mlocate process take too much space. If yes, just kill them
  4. @Sandervg, why in my last comment part of the text is bold? I don't use any formatting for these , just for the code part.
  5. Its pretty easy. Look at core dumps find / -xdev -name core -ls -o -path "/lib*" -prune Remove already installed packages apt-get autoremove --purge And clean outdated kernels, if they exist dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge nothing is every easy.. as soon as i try something with apt-get : E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device) Even sudo apt-get clean show these error?
  6. Its pretty easy. Look at core dumps find / -xdev -name core -ls -o -path "/lib*" -prune Remove already installed packages apt-get autoremove --purge And clean outdated kernels, if they exist dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge
  7. Wow, thats cool! Can we migrate a system to a sata drive without any loss of functionality or just using sd with more volume? It does not cause conflict of versions with subsequent update of Debian ? Is it possible to add new functionality to the Griffin using free GPIO?
  8. Here is an example of what I meant in relation to the functionality of the forum, and what I personally really miss: http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=717634 If you click on the link, you will find yourself on the largest russian forum about mobile devices. And in each thread there have a common style of the first post (or header) in which worn links to important comments, FAQ, and other important information relevant to the subject of the thread. The forum have the moderators of the sections who can update the header . It also can update the creator of the thread. And any user can find most imporant information in seconds using only these firt post in a thread.
  9. @Sandervg If using the current functionality of the forum, perhaps it makes sense to do a summary of the discussion in the form autosnowsledges list on the first page of the thread. Voting for inclusion in this list by "likes" . And make a separate pinned thread in each section of the forum, which will contain a list of important threads, and a separate basic article for beginners. Or, for beginners you can make a separate forum section with a concentrated knowledge about the main issues, as is done in the 3DVerkstan troubleshooting guide. No comments, just pure knowlege. @Titus It's a knowledge database, but of a higher level than the already in place getting started UM database. True. And since it's a higher level, the idea is not just another wiki, but courses with the help of which the user with a basic/average level will be able to unleash the full potential of printer, no matter what it would be UM2/2+ or new UM3.
  10. Hi @Sandervg! Something like this, yes, but more structured. Over the years the forum has grown to such an extent that to find detailed information about anything is difficult. For example: neotko's idea about sanding the surface with nozzle for better results is wonderful. But I never saw it if coming for a couple of weeks later. She would simply disappear from the dashboard and top headlines. (I don't want to slip in a repeat of discussions about the design, it became really better compared to what it was after changing the forum engine.) Ie there is, as Stephen king says "final verdict", that was current at every point in time. Like a Ultimaker's user Cookbook or something alike. And becose practice is a best teacher, i think courses is a really good opportunity to correct this situation. How to divide a complex model to avoid support? How to achieve high quality surface finish? The nuances of handling acetone bath? Creating custom supports at the modeling stage for higher quality? The list is long then proceed. The presence of a strictly structured and comprehensive answers, and the more, opportunity to practice to learn this can save users time (and money), and relieve the forum from similar questions.
  11. The curved case at the bottom says that it is not used any glue or capton tape. It makes sense to spend a couple bucks on it.
  12. Hi, gang! Important notice: I may now play the role of Captain Obvious, but the idea suggests itself. So if I'm behind the times, and such plans already exist, the moderators can remove the post without any hesitation. People, discussion with 9 pages about the new printer will last at least a couple of days, but the idea of courses on pumping skills working with the printer catched me so much, that i decided to create a separate thread about it. For those who missed all the fun: looking at the despair of professional designers who design the model and get something, who cause bleeding from the eyes and the helplessness of newbies who bought the printer and do not know what to do with it except printing stl's from the Internet i was born the idea of creating courses that help you get the most out of the printer. If you haven't seen this epic thread, and have a desire to read it, here it is. For some this may seem arrogant and stupid, because they have behind years of experience. But look at what you get now, and the best examples available in the community and on the Internet. And I'm not talking about those things that admirable, but unknown in virtue of NDA with the customer. They are. The difference in the face. The person who buys a musclecar, and had seen the work of the stuntmen in the movie, will not be able "to cut circles" in the gymkhana like Ken Block, whether he just got a driver's license, or went 20 years in ordinary family cars. This is not the question of the printer, this is the question of the skill of working with him. The idea is to combine the most successful experience of community in the design of the model and working with slicers for these two categories of users. Professionals will be able to save time, and as a result, earn more, and beginners. who can acquire basic skills, and not only download interesting models to print, but to create them. The difficulties that I see at the moment: First, the diversity of software, from Autodesk A360 to Inventor, Solidworks and a very highly specialized industry solutions. They have very different functions, the barrier to entry and, importantly, cost. With newcomers the problem can be solved by voting or by the appearance of the affiliate program with one of the developers to concentrate on the features of the program. With professionals is more complex trouble. The functionality of various CAD packages can vary greatly, and the development methodology too. Can also vary the area of professional application. Here, in my humble opinion, we need a focus group about their expectations, approach to design and the results obtained. Based on this survey will be to focus on preparing the course content. Most likely there will be several courses, each tailored to practice. Second, the lack of a ready-to-use platform for learning. Summer @SandervG voiced the idea of a platform for collaboration. I don't know at what stage it is now, but perhaps some groundwork can be used for the learning process. Third, the language barrier. Yes, english more or less fluently to communicate for all of us, but for courses it can be a serious obstacle due to the loss of focus. Probably the subtitles will help in the case of videolessons, or the help of the community with translation of cources into their native languages. I think it makes sense to invite to the thread @neotko, @nallath, @jonnybischof, @meduza, @rasputin and @foehnsturm. What do you think, guys? P.S. I don't know anyone from the educational forum threads, but I'm sure there are people who have something to say. I would be glad if someone can invite them here to discuss
  13. @rasputin I'll just leave this link here. Printed on a ordinary Prusa I3. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:713815 Other works of the author also make the jaw fall to the floor. And Yes, I personally have never predicted that FDM printers will be used in mass production. It is a good tool for small series and prototyping with its well known limitations. A little offtopic too. As for the "liberalization of production", then I sincerely think this is the level of "the dance marathon on the Titanic" given the news about the global decline of transportation for many quarters. Both marine and rail. What about using 3D printing in the aerospace field or in the field of oil production, then I can only laugh out loud. For the properties of the metal used there, it is impossible to obtain the printer in any way at all. This "pulling little owl on the globe".
  14. I think that the problems that we are discussing for the third consecutive year occur due to exactly one thing: Beginners do not always have the skills of modeling objects in relation to 3D printing. Professionals (with all due respect to their experience) do not take into account technology features, and that both sides feel cheated to a certain extent. Also imposes its influence the imperfection of the modern slicers ( and Cura, and S3D and Kisslicer, all of them), forcing you to spend a huge amount of time in order to get acceptable results. I think @neotko confirm my last supposition, as a man, who ditched hundreds of hours to hack S3D. This is a long introduction,but I'm getting close to the point: now, in fact, we have no one training programs from manufacturers of 3D printers for any category of users, allowing to learn to fully use all the features of a particular model. Look at RaspberryPi, remember, for which was a Minesweeper in Windows 95. Here, I am sure, not enough, not only Ultimaker, but all modern manufacturers FDM printers in the industry. We can all recall the fascinating examples of the use of UM2. Rec-robot, for example. With complex surfaces, detail that makes you want to withdraw money from the account, and go to purchase a second printer. And the fact that a designer with years of experience not able to print the four-stroke cylinder (although the thingverse estimatel full engine Honda with lovely pictures without postprocessing) tells me about it. It's not a bad designer, and not a bad printer, but the lack of skill of interaction with a new device, and the inability to obtain this skill is not hitting all the bumps on their own experience at a time when he needed just a tool for work, not adventure from Detalion, if you know what I mean. So, we need our Ultimaker Academy, or something like that. Thats my two cents, gang.
  15. When the UM2+ first came out and all the shops dropped the price on the UM2 it was cheaper to get a UM2 and upgrade kit. I, and many others, still went with the UM2+ All UM2 owners would not refuse a two-headed print! I'm one of them, dammit! I understand that (perhaps) without colliding even once with the development of a device and launching it into production, the idea of collecting changes between versions in one box and sell for, say, 500 euros looks reasonable. But, alas, it is not. Not even close. I have 9 years of experience as a system administrator and service engineer, and a couple of my own projects to launch into production. And based on this experience I can't imagine an upgrade is lower than the amount mentioned above. While I am not a resident of the Eurozone, I have a much more liberal legislation in this regard. Price is possible that it is even higher. And it's not because the evil developers want to earn an extra dollar. But because there is a responsibility to investors, there are a variety of constraints in terms of hardware and software, scientific research itself in order to make the product the most effective and cost serious money.
  16. I'm not suggesting to drop the price. Make all to be honest. According to my quick calculations it will be around 2400-2800 euros. Correct me if it is wrong calculation, and does not violate the NDA.
  17. Dear Ultimaker team! Dear community! Disclaimer I don't want to be rude to a large portion of the community, but I think it's the only option that will be able to dot the "i", and perhaps will bring the calm to one, and some lil' money to others. And peace for everyone Historically, every update since Ultimaker Original to a product line called marvelous bickering and mutual accusations in various bad deeds. A few hours ago there was even a conspiracy theory. I humbly propose to make for the dissatisfied part of the community a Special Upgrade Pack, which includes everything necessary to convert UM2/UM2+ to UM3 (including backplate). And that's all. Naturally (we, I hope, all remember about the peculiarities of regulation of wages and production in the Euro area) the price will be so high that only a few will really get it. But the status quo will be restored and next time we will not see such a shitstorm like this and a couple previous ones. All peace, kindness and understanding.
  18. For me personally it's more interesting next thing: will there be a problem with ordinary spools of filament? I was under the impression that the new printer is tough enough sharpened by ultimaker's spools with nfc token.
  19. Absolutely! "First, lets tease them all with actually PRINTING that we are going to have a dual extruder for the Ultimaker 2+ and get them to buy one. (go ahead, check the forum. It was in there) Then, most of the way through, lets just tell them we are scrapping the idea for good. Then, Lets make a whole new printer WITH the dual extruder and charge so much more for it, it will be unexplainable." So, since I cant print any of my customers complex prints (and lets face it, how often do we get "simple" designs to print?) because the support structure removal is just so labor intensive and leaves such a horrible finish, the customer is better off going with Protolabs or ANY other 3D printing prototype house, do I just get to trade my Ultimaker 2+ Extended in for FULL PRICE against a new one with the previously promised dual extruder??? OK, let's try be calm, and try to consider it another way: remove nfc, wifi and Ethernet. Remaining in the framework of the Arduino platform, with its miserable resources can be implemented with the incredible "dancing with a tambourine" as it is called in my country. And to achieve in these conditions a stable quality without constant calibration before each print is simply unrealistic. That is why, in my humble opinion, didn't happen two-headed printing on the second generation. If you compare the BOM of the second and third generation, remain unchanged, only a few body panels, stepper and other small things. Overwhelmingly it's really a different model without backward hardware compatibility.
  20. A great opportunity for cooperation! Looking at the number of views on the 3DPrintingNerd channel about the basics of working in Autodesk 360, you can not doubt the success.
  21. Well, it still better than my GMT+6 Time zone :angry:
  22. Thats looks sexy as hell! Do you plan make some video tutoruals on YouTube about printing with S3D on UM2/UM2+? Or recommend good channels for learning?
  23. Wow, now again available to buy. In December it was cancelled to selling.
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