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  1. I am using my printer to print at 40mm/sec. However, when I try to print faster the printer (Marlin, RepRap) automatically seems to take a short pause at the furthest point tot the left, recht, bottom en top of the print. Is this a GCode reading problem or is there another software. Would using a SD-Card solve the problem?
  2. I am currently trying to print a vase. However, I am unable to specify the (exact) location I want the seam to start (which is created when the bed drops 1 stop and the beginning of a new layer begins. Is there a way to choose this position manually? Or is there a way to randomize this position?
  3. It's still not working well at all. Is it possible that the stl file is the problem. Should I model my file with a certain width? 1.8 for instance to match the shell thickness? Because right now it will add small dots of pla inbetween my two shells (showing as yellow dots in Cura) Also, whenever I try to print the bottom of a vase or cup, it doesnt stay flat, it seems like the temperature causes it to deform.
  4. I recently made myself a 0.9mm nozzle to do some rougher but faster prints. However, I cant seem to get the right settings to get good print. I'm using the newest version of Cura. I was hopeing somebody could give me some basic setting information for a decent print with 1.75mm PLA filament. I currently am using the following settings; Temp. 210 Speed 20mm/s Quality: Layer Height: 0.4 Shell thickness: 0.6 Bottom/Top thickness: 2.7 Initial layer 0.67mm Initial layer width: 130% Minimal layer time 5 sec Fan speed 30% (Using a RepRap printer) P.s. How can I select the pattern for the top and bottom. (In stead of zigzaging i want it to spiral)
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