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  1. Okay, so it seems like a had another problem as well. As I attempted to level the bed and follow the 'springs half compressed' method I tightened the middle adjustment screw under the bed in the rear of the unit and it inadvertently separated the aluminum heating bed plate away from the glass. This caused the front of the build area to stick but not the back half so this was causing the parts to become dislodged so many times. On the upside, I have mastered the art of leveling! After about 30 attempts in a few days I think I got it!
  2. Okay folks. As it turned out I had a bad nozzle. It was defective at the tip. Carefully with Adidas diamond file I ground it flush a bit too test and now working much better.
  3. illuminarti / gr5 I have done as asked to the best of my abilities. Tweaked the screws as best I can (I think) things are better but not there yet. I have tried to print an IronMan mask with a good sized brimm and it stuck the brimm very well to the mask base but about 2 hours into the print I noticed the nozzle was hitting the mask and this beating of process loosened the print to the point it began to pop off the bed. Is this again needing to align the bed or could I have another issue with file? My next attempt to print didn't stick again after 3 or 4 layers so I will try and align again a
  4. Many thanks to both of you! That's great info and very concise. I will attempt the adjustments as soon as the 13 hour print is complete, 6 hours left. When I hear up the nozzle before using the wizard, so you recommend a temperature? Do I set to just under PLA melting point to avoid deposition? Or do I retract filament? Thanks again,you guys are awesome!
  5. Hello folks, I have just received my UM² and printed successfully the included little robot. Actually better than expected. I am now trying to print more included files like the tetra wire and cube but the PLA is not sticking. it easily moved around with the print head. I am using the included Ultimaker brand silver PLA. I have had some success with heading bed to 70C-80C and increasing the nozzle to 220C but kicked it down to 215C due to discoloration ( I assume too hot), I am now seeing it stick a little better but not much better. As I understood PLA shouldn't be so picky. Here is a list
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