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  1. Here is a screenshot from Cura.
  2. I have an alcove/indentation on one side of my project that touches the buildplate, and I want support for it.The support structure begins to be created, but the problem is that it never actually reaches the top of the alcove where the support is needed. I know it must have something to do with the fact that the bottom of the alcove goes deeper into the side of the product than the top does. The bottom of the alcove goes in about 3/8 inch then it angles back to 1/16 inch at the top. The support structure goes up a little over half way and then stops. The top of the alcove prints really ugly a
  3. Yes that is a good description of what happens. It must be the control board resetting as you suggest. There was a time when it reset during an SD card print, but the USB connection must have been horked somehow already and must have caused the problem. I am leaving the USB cable disconnected for now.
  4. Yellowshark, can you elaborate on "maybe you have a glitch in your mesh" please?
  5. It may have had something to do with the USB cable connection. I couldn't print using USB and Simplify3D. I also noticed that my USB keyboard was not working anymore. Odd?? I rebooted my PC, power cycled the UM2 and disconnected the USB cable from the UM2. I have a print going now, sliced with Cura and printing from SD card. It's been going for a couple of hours now. I hope it makes it all the way through.
  6. Here's the pic I wanted to upload earlier. Thanks for guiding me on how to do it.
  7. I played around with Bottom/Top thickness and it looks like this setting may work. I tested it out on a small part. I will try 1.4mm on my larger print to see if that fixes the holes. I took a picture of the test prints at different settings, but I can't figure out how to get an image on this forum. I pasted a jpg, gif and png file into here, but each time it said: "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community"
  8. My Ultimaker 2 is a couple weeks old. I have printed about 3/4's of the spool it came with. In my last three attempts to print, the Ultimaker shuts itself off for 1 second then comes right back on. The print job is killed as it just sits at the "Print, Material, Maintenance" screen. Prior to these last 3 print attempts, I had successfully printed maybe a dozen things, some lasting 10-12 hours. It seems to shut off at random times. Once I was 4 hours into a print job. This last one I was about 40 minutes into it. I unplugged and plugged back in and checked the power connections. Everything see
  9. I suppose what I am looking for is something like Shell thickness for the vertical direction.
  10. Hmm, I'm still getting "holes". It's not the bottom or top, but flat surfaces between the actual bottom and top of the print. Is there a setting for that? It looks like the bottom and top of my print is fine, no holes, but there are flat surfaces between the top and bottom that are quite hole ridden. Suggestions? Here are my settings: Layer height: 0.15 Shell thickness: 0.8 Bottom/Top thickness: 0.75 Fill Density: 20 Print Speed: 50
  11. Can I assume that when you say "layer thickness" you are referring to the "Layer height" setting in the Quality section of Cura software?
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