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  1. Was the ultra-clear PFA slippery enough to allow your filament through? It seemed to be slippery enough, but retractions were an issue on some prints, enough that I went back to my stock tube. I'll save it to use if I get some oversized filament (actual 3mm or larger). Maybe using 1/4 X 1/8 would work but I haven't ordered any yet.
  2. I have my UM2 (2.1.4 control board) on a work bench in my garage/shop area. During the summer the ambient temp around the printer is in the low 90sF - no air conditioning in the garage. I have been having print failures during long prints at these high ambient temps. On one occasion, I observed the Z axis drive stepper motor drive the build plate down by about 1 inch between layers, resulting in "printing in air". This is the type of random failures that I have had. This led me to look for overheating on the control board and I found the same indications of high temp on the circuit board (arou
  3. About 2 weeks ago, I replaced my UM2 back fan with a Digi-Key MC25060V1-000U-A99 fan. It is listed as a 5V, 3cfm, 13,000 rpm 25X25X6.9mm Sunon fan (the Sunon Mc25060V2 is listed as 2.2cfm, 10,000rpm same size and voltage). The V1 is much, much quieter than the OEM fan. I don't notice it at all now when it starts or stops unless I'm listening for it specifically. The OEM fan made a loud (to me), high pitched siren sound that was very noticeable and annoying. I don't know what differences there may be in air flow from the OEM fan, but have noticed an improvement in printing overall. I generally
  4. Ordered 5' of 1/4" X 5/32" ultra clear PFA tubing from McMaster-Carr today ($4.78 / ft + shipping). Should be enough for two bowden tubes for my UM2. We'll see if it works out.
  5. I received my UM2 about 2 weeks ago and after printing 20 or 30 projects, I found a screw in the bottom of my printer. The build plate would not move up or down with the Z axis lead screw. There are supposed to be 4 - 3mm screws bolting the build plate to the Z axis threaded bushing. After removing the Z axis cover plate (at the back of the build plate with "Ultimaker 2" printer on it), I found all 4 screws were missing. I checked the packing materials and the inside of the shipping box and found 3 more screws. They had apparently come loose due to shipping vibration. I replace mine adding a t
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