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  1. which materials have you been using? My block problem was after this order: pla, abs, pla, semiflex, ninjaflex, (block), atomic cleaning with pla removing lots of abs, perfect print again. Do it again and again
  2. Ok I'll try with that oil... but which kind? WD40? or similiar? And what will happend after I change again the filament? Will this affect to the PLA? It is really weird because with the ninjaflex semiflex is a pleasure to print, I'm happy level over 9000 but this just drive me mad and from last try with it in some travelings make this weird noise. (second 8 and 46). (It looks from the base, no from the X/Y motors)
  3. Sorry for the late answer. I'm trying now at 10mm speed, 245ºC, 0.2 mm .. and nothing still cheddar. It is so annoying... I will print the the feeder and try with that one, because For example when I'm loading the material, it doesn't travel the same distance through the pipe than pla, much sorter. That make me think the feeder doesn't push as much material as should do.
  4. Hi everyone! After lots of trys and dimismounts of the feeder TODAY! I finally print withi ninja flex. Now the but/question. the quality is quite horrible to what I've seen on the net. I used 20mm/s (1.6mm^3 / s) for everything. 0.2 mm layer high no retraction Shell 2mm Any suggestion?
  5. In my uni, we have a Dimension printer which prints with soluble material support and it is amazing... but... 30.000 pounds and 250 per spool
  6. This is unvealibe... IT ISSSS WORKING... before your answer I sat down and dismount the feeder and make atomic cleaning again ant after the first one (of this time) I pull out a big black thing... did it again and after that, no problem with push the material through (I waste like 20cm just for pleasure...) And the best part is that I recorded and took pictures... I just need to mount the video together, somebody can find it usefull. I'll do it in a bit. Thank you for your help, I feel like 10kg lighter now hahahaha PS. I have prepared this just for the occasion, I hope everybody have a goo
  7. Pettry similar to me but after try with ninjaflex... you can join the conversation here, I still waiting for the next step. Simillar problem here
  8. @labern still something happening is like the nozzlet is not heated by everywhere I don't know. Behind my voice answering the questions of my house mate about uni you can listen the noise that is making the printer when I load the material. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_5egdM6zPQ anybody else who can help is welcome!
  9. I'll try tomorrow to print again and I'll tell you, I going to upload aswell a video of the variation of the temperature, because the numbers get a bit crazy moving soo fast from one to the next and I think that wasn't happen and it goes higher and later go down until more or less the temperature set up. Thanks for the support!
  10. I did something wrong and I don't know if I broke it... I turn on the printer and heat up the nozzle with the heater out of the block, I turn off everything as soon I feel the heat (burn my finger)... I'm shit-scared now :S. I mount back everything (right I thing). Turn on the printer, select change material. To remove the filament from the transparent tube and start again, but from the nozzle is coming some... not smoke but like in the dessert where you can ''see the warm'' and smell peculiar. Not sure if is because of the oil of my hands etc etc or because I really crash it :S
  11. I already dismount everything... :S I'm trying to pull out the temperature sensor from the plate of the nozzle but it is quite stuck. any tips.
  12. I'm coming just with the same, it is driving me weird... I thought it was a dirty nozzel, I've clean it and still happening. I'v been dismounting the feeder because ninjaflex got really stuck and from there problems. You will think, this idi*t mounted wrong, nope, becuase after that I got another perfect part with PLA yesterday. Steps: PLA: (almost a full spool) no problem. (try once with ABS but not working and not trying anymore) change to: Ninjaflex semiflex: No problem, perfect finish quality. Change to: PLA: Perfect quality Change to: Ninjaflex (normal): gets a knot in the feede
  13. Hi everybody! I'm new around here and with the printer. My problemo (Terminator) is that the infill of the part looks a little bit shitty to be honest... the walls have an amazing quality, dimensions tolerance quite nice but the infill... chsss This photo is at: LH: 0.16 ST: 0.8 ER: Yes B/T T: 0.6 Fill density: 15% P S: 50mm/s (sorry for the image quality, digital zoom on mobile phone...)
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