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  1. Hi every body and thank you for your help. I didn't answer earlier cause I was overbooked, sorry ! I use the Exp4 and it works well ! (I understood the usage of 'pin numbers' and it's much easier to do modifications on the Ultimaker now. I'm a beginner you know ...) I ran autotune and find very different constants each time. It seems very unstable and it doesn't really improve the temperature regulation. Anyway It's not really important because the only consequence it's that at the beginning, the temperature goes 10/15 degrees upper than what I ask. Then it stabilized well at the good tempe
  2. It seems I'm getting close to my goal. The thermocouple board give me a good voltage that correspond to the a coherent temperature. The heater 12v seems to work well too with the current max configured at 128. So now the only problem I have is that I don't understand how I can find the pin number I want to use for my TEMP_0_PIN. I'm trying to use the EXP4 port I found the +5V, the GND and want to input the signal buy the ADC12 pin for exemple. ADC12 correspond to the 85 pins on the ATMEGA2560 but it doesn't read the temperature when I configure this pin in Marlin. As I explained you before e
  3. @Macua85 Normally you won't have any modifications to do cause your UMO already works with a thermocouple. If it does not work with a thermocouple yet you should do as gr5 said : Yes you'll have to change the temperature sensor settings. It's true that it's very clear in the firmware. In the Configuration.h file (It's written in such a way that lot of simple configurations can be done in this file) section "Thermal Settings" you'll find : //=========================================================================== //=============================Thermal Settings =================
  4. Well, Thank you for all your answers !!! Now I know it's hard to connect the thermocouple directly on the "temp1" port. I won't loose time looking for this. I already thought to connect the thermocouple board to another port of the Ultimainboard. As you tell me the Exp 4 could maybe work but why not the serial port ? Does it matter which one I choose ? I also have difficulties to find the good pin number I have to use. I know I have to modify the part of the pins.h file in Marlin that correspond to the board I've configured in Configuration.h (I did the test to swap to pins number and
  5. Bonjour Amedee, Désolé c'est vrai que j'ai commencé par faire du cross-posting mais je pensais que les langues étaient séparées sur le forum... Je cherche à obtenir une réponse rapide et mettre le plus de chances de mon coté. L'anglais est probablement la meilleure solution car on touche plus de monde non ? Alors discutons http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/10425-e3d-thermocouple-mount-on-umo/ !
  6. Bonjour à la communauté ! Je suis nouveau sur le forum et j'espère que je poste dans la bonne section. J'ai lu quelques posts sur le forum en anglais et en français mais je n'ai pas encore trouvé de solution à mon problème. N'hésitez pas à me rediriger si le problème a déjà été traité dans une autre section. Je suis étudiant dans une école d'ingénieur et je travaille actuellement sur un projet d'impression 3D pour des matériaux haute température. J'ai pour cela commencé par acheté une UMO+ que je cherche aujourd'hui à adapter. J'ai reçu 2 kits haute température bowden de chez ED3 Online (1
  7. Hi to the community ! I'm new on the forum and I hope my post is in the good section. I read several posts without fixing my problem yet, so don't hesitate to redirect me if you think this problem already exist in the forum. I'm an engineering student working on a 3D printing project. I've bought a UMO+ and am trying to adapt it for high temperature printing materials. I received 2 E3D v6 hotend bowden full kits (one 1.75mm diameter and the other is 3mm diameter) and try to mount it on my new UMO+. My goal is to print at high temperatures (more than 300°C) and I decided to buy a Thermocoupl
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