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  1. Ok I lost the text, DK...sorry.. I finally clogged my nozzle...bad...I have the documented prob with the temp sensor stuck in the block. I pulled the head apart, (common small electronics...real easy to do on the UM2) cleaned all the ABS out with acetone...lol took forever with the head hanging from the sensor, but the carbon has to be pulled out by hand with the block not hanging from the sensor wire, right? BTW I put it all back together and it all works fine, ie temp/sensor/fans, I just have a carbon clog and can't melt anymore out. AND I have 3D Hubs orders waiting... So, I call Fb
  2. Hey there MuffinK- I too have a new UM2 and have had a few extrusion issues, same symptoms as yours, and I found that as I print, the tension on the filament as it is pulled from the reel gets pretty tight at the feeder, causing no filament or very little to get into the head. The reel tightens gradually as you print until...no extrusion. I have printed Roberts feeder, but haven't installed it yet so I simply have my filament reel sitting flat on the floor and make sure I have a bit of slack in the filament. That solved my prob, perhaps it helps you. You will end up having this problem w
  3. Hey Neo! I bet your bed is only level to about .2 using the UM2 leveling. If you change to resolutions higher than that, you will begin to get inconsistent problems. Try running simple bed level .stl/.gcode at increasing resolutions. I step-level my bed this way from .25-.06 and, as I print my bed level calibration piece I end up having to adjust only one screw. I have 5 .gcodes on my SD card of the same calibration test piece at .25, .2, .15, .1, .06 resolutions and with a 5 strand skirt, you can find and adjust the errors, abort, run the next one, etc, in no time. Make sure you run th
  4. Hello Howard!! I am a new printer with only 6 weeks experience actually printing, but I am doing commercial jobs in ABS with excellent results. Stick with the ABS!!! I spent 5 weeks nursing PLA through the print process and when I finally got it right, man, the ABS was just hands-free printing… Sooo, I learned all my printing techniques from the UM forums, the guides especially, and I have some tutorials of my own to humbly share… But I have a question, Are you a brand new printer? I had never even seen a 3d printer when I got mine… and, is this a US UM2? Sorry I cannot find your l
  5. I got the same vibe in the forums also!!! woot...hit me up, Krys and we can talk noob printing...I am now printing commercial jobs and the UM2 is AMAZING!!
  6. Here is my latest...lol I soooo need feedback...Robert's feeder
  7. Hello All- A quick thank you to all on the UM forums! I am new to 3d printing and received my UM2 6 weeks ago. I learned how to print from all the guides, tutorials and info here on the UM forums and all of you. Thanks much, again! So, I have 214 hours of printing on my UM2 and it has been amazing! I have done several commercial jobs and have received some kudos for the print quality I get with the UM2. I have not had one problem with the machine...none...I am just printing anything and everything . So much to say about 3d printing but not enough space...I will ask my questions in lat
  8. Hello, All- A quick post to detail my experiences so far with my new UM2! I am pretty happy so far. I have done my homework, polished my skills with .stl, .svg, etc and I am ready to begin learning how to print. After all the user reviews and forums I have been on recently, looking for a machine to commit to, this forum was the deciding factor. The tone, the honesty, the support and instructions ... you guys know...I am excited to be here! So, I am in Colorado, US and I ordered my UM2 on Tuesday (03/13) through Dynamism, in Chicago, based upon reviews. The name of the company does not do
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