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  1. Did anyone of you experience PET sticking to nozzle? In my experience, sometimes, material which was accumulating got pulled by printing element. You can imagine that this unwanted material causes problems like loosing steps, pulling away the element from the platform.
  2. The key was print it on really high first layer with modified flow to reduce posibility of sticking the gears together. We used dimafix with 75*C bed temperature and really high cooling by two turbines like these ones (not this particular which is showed on image): It wasn't so easy! Also it showed that really helpfull was adding the shaft into main gear.
  3. I have only added a "shaft" to make it easier to move, while I was going down and down fingers started to be too big
  4. Told you I will be back with another entry Here it is! The print section: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1846-community-contest-part-3-the-bearing-made-by
  5. Version 1.0


    Same as last time we have printed the robot with modified cooling system (made specially for this contest) using these little turbines to cool down the print: http://www.tme.eu/...on/gb1205phv1-8aygn/ BUT! We also used a little trick while printing the bearing! We will disclose it after the competition External diameter: Biggest - 15mm Medium - 10mm Small - 8mm
  6. Ahh! Not this time, mb my pics werent so good. CONGRATS TOO ALL!
  7. When the winner will be announced? Monday morning or we will be keep in suspense some more ?
  8. Our reply from Poland https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/1716-olsson-block-contest-ultimaker-robot
  9. Version 1.0


    We have printed the robot with modified cooling system (made specially for this contest) using these little turbines to cool down the print: http://www.tme.eu/pl/details/gb1205phv1-8ay/wentylatory-dc-12v/sunon/gb1205phv1-8aygn/ The biggest robot is 10mm tall Medium is 6mm tall Smallest, barly can see it, 3mm tall
  10. The transistor responsible for fan's pwm is conducting electricity constantly - w/o depending on settings in controller. I think it is dead.
  11. It doesnt start on print and by the advanced menu. I think it might be some problem with the electronics. Had anyone any experience with it?
  12. The connection near head is good, I will check the connection on board later. The problem is that the voltage on pins near head is 2.5V when the 100% speed is set.
  13. Hi, I am an owner of Ultimaker 2 for about a half a year. Since a week I have been experiencing problems with cooling fans. I try to turn them on at the start of machine. I go to the maintanace - > advanced - > set fans speed - > set 100% and nothing happens, the voltage on fan pins are 2.5 V. Where can I look for reason of this issue. Best regards Piotr
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