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  1. How do i get UMO+ usage data analytics? I try to get the data of how many hours used my printer but i couldnt find any information about it. Please help =)
  2. Yes you re correrct 1 and 4 th ones are stopped printings cause i saw the mistakes. Settings are cura 15.02's basic fast printing settings. Model is 3d scanned of me. I printed it before and it was perfect. Also i checked the bed leveling many times by using cura s bed levelling software. Checked the rods distances by using UMO s rod leveling sticks. I can send the pictures of the first good printing and the last ones too.
  3. Hi guys; I need help for adjusting the printer. I tried all the explanations at "3DVERKSTAN" 's website but could not find a solution for fails. You can see from the pictures above. 1. Walls are not touching I streched all the belts and lubricated rods. Tightened all the screws on the pulleys. 2. Extrusions problem extruder motor is working well. Tried the atomic pull techinque for cleaning the nozzle. adjusted the extruder parts screws. But nothing changed I've got really good printing at first then moved the printer to another city so it moved and some adjustments are changed. I'am
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