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  1. Is there any place where you can get a stainless steel nozzle that fits the Ultimaker II? I'm curious about XT-CF20 carbon fiber reinforced filament but the nozzle wear on brass is reported as substantial. http://colorfabb.com/xt-cf20
  2. That would be very nice to have. We did get "change filament" in the tune settings lately. However at least for me it seems to fast forward WAY too much filament (about 1.5-2x as much as the bowden tube can hold) and thus causes an instant failure.
  3. Also Geomagic Design. (I started in the old Alibre Express days)
  4. Sad. The CAM software for my CAD does it for subtractive machining. Thus circles can be machined with microstep-precision with a minimum of g-code. For additive machining, the limiting factor is the STL file format. STEP, IGES, ACIS, ProE,... would be so much better. It never is a curve. In the end it's just discrete microsteps. But that step should always happen in the machine controller when interpreting the g-code. Projecting a 3D spline onto a 2D plane is just a trivial projection of all it's control point to this plane. In this case it's even just a parallel projection and axis-paral
  5. Sure, this is done to render them for display a thousand times a second. I hate seeing polygon edges in my high-res prints all the time or running onto memory limits due to the number of polygons. The finite resolution is pretty high. 30x30x30cm at 0.04mm layer height and even higher resolution in XY.
  6. Are there any slicers that accept common CAD file formats without forcing a tesselation into discrete polygons? There are G-Codes to run perfect arcs, yet I don't see any slicer supporting file formats that can contain perfect arcs and circles that are not broken up into polygons on the way from the CAD program to the slicer.
  7. The pre-orders for the Ultimaker II extended and go where supposed to start "in March". March has begun. Any news about when preorders will be accepted?
  8. Is anyone investigating the use of an E3D Cyclops or other hotend that can switch between 2 filaments using one nozzle? http://e3d-online.com/Cyclops
  9. I don't understand why Ultimaker is considering dual extrusion and dual nozzles to be the same thing. you should look at hotends like the E3D Cyclops to get dual extrusion without sacrificing single extrusion.
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