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  1. I order all my spare parts from the gr5 store: http://gr5.org/store/index.php/ as well. George provides excellent support and ships fast! He also seems to have the lower prices for most items and shipping.
  2. Foehnsturm, how does this system compare to the Flex3drive for printing nijaflex or other flexible filaments? What are the speed differences? Have you found that the limiting factor is the cooling of the extruded filament for flexible materials? I am trying to decide if I want to adapt the Flex3drive to the UM2 or go to the direct feeder to extruder route that you seem to have chosen for printing flexible filaments as fast as possible.
  3. Artiz, do you use canned Air Freshner on the build plate glass for adhesion? Which brand? seriously?
  4. Many of the answers for the questions for using the E3D head on the UM2 can be found here: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/11116-e3d-v6-on-the-ultimaker-2-system?page=1#reply-110320 Feel free to ask any questions. The weak point is still the extruder on the UM2 and all metal heads (E3D) can be a pain if you are not careful with calibrations and temperature control of materials. By the way the field has moved to 4 extruders and beyond for less then the price of a new UM2. Also, check out the cutting edge for project Ara between Google and 3DSystems. Multiple UM2 heads on an assem
  5. So I would like to setup a second new designed extruder on my Ultimaker 2 and have the parts and Nema motor ready. Obviously Ultimaker was thinking about the option of having a second extruder motor since the case has the holes drilled out for a second extruder. Since Ultimaker will not be providing a dual extruder solution in the near future (so wrong!!) why not use the setup option to support a second extruder for flexibility? I've read in the forum that the firmware for the UM2 supports a second extruder. Can someone confirm that the firmware does support two extruders? My first obje
  6. Are you using the 40W version of the heater? Have you carried out a PID calibration of the new heater and thermistor? Take the values from the PID calibration and enter them in as the new values before printing.
  7. The purpose of this thread is to gather in one place all the important information on replacement fans and how to source/order these fans. I have to spent too much time researching this because my small back fan blew out after a hack gone bad and replacement fans are not listed in the UM2 parts store. The Ultimaker 2 has three fans. The smallest one in the back is a DC 5V 0.58W fan which can be replaced by a quieter Sunon MC25060V2-000U-A99 found here: http://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/MC25060V2-000U-A99/259-1573-ND/2757803 Last time I ordered these Sunon's they cost $7.40 US dolla
  8. Today I was able to get the E3D V6 Hot End to print PLA on the UM2. It still needs tuning and a some more mods but now I know it is possible to use this Hot End on the UM2 platform. I will be putting together a list of instructions on what is required to get this to work and posting it here soon. Next up the Volcano version !
  9. Would love to have that for my front yard ! Really impressive achievement.
  10. Found some more info that might help anyone wanting to use the back cooling fan outlet on the UM2. This is from Daid replying to another post about the power load the back cooling fan outlet is capable of on UM2. Daid "No need to worry about the 5V fan connector, you can safely draw more then 2A out of it."
  11. Jenny, can you clarify if the thermistor wires have been pulled out of the plug connector that connects to the UM2 board or are the wires pulled out of the cap end that is attached to the heater block? The solution depends on which end is detached.
  12. With the new ATC Semitec 104-GT2 thermistor installed I was able to successfully carry out a PID Autotune using Pronterface (Printrun 2014.08.01) with command M303S185C10. The results are shown below.
  13. Restinpieces, nice mod ! So the thermistor that comes with the E3D V6 will work with the UM2 board. I connected the ATC Semitec 104-GT2 thermistor to the UM2 board and then in firmware I changed the settings to match the new thermistor. In order to get this to work on UM2 you need to use an older version of Marlin to compile and upload the changes. Daid compiles the official builds with Marlin V 1.0.3 for Windows and V 1.0.5 on the other platforms. More info and discussion regarding the Marlin changes can be found on the forum here: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/7807-main-link
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