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  1. Dear All, good news, I nailed it!!!! This is what I did. First I used my iPhone with a carpenter surface level tool to check whether or not the bed was level, and it was within 0,1º on all directions. That's quite level isn't it? Than thanks to Eldrick I used a metal feeler gauge to determine the right distance between the nozzle and the bed in the bedleveling procedure on my Ultimaker. In the first round I used the 1 mm thick metal feeler gauge and at all the points the nozzle and the bed had a distance of 1 mm, than in the second round I used the 0.8 mm thick metal feeler gauge to deter
  2. My glass is level on a flat surface, and the bed looks level but I'll give it a try see if the bed without the glass is level too. Thanks for your thoughts
  3. thanks for sharing this post, could be another hint of the issue. From what I see are the screws sinked in the plate, I'll try and measure them, to find out if that could be the case.
  4. That's a great idea, but I don't have any, have to find and buy one, Thanks a lot!
  5. Thanks I shall baby sit for the first layer, hope this will help.
  6. Thanks for all your answers, you forum guys are so nice to help me out, wish that the UM support would be so kind to, really frustrates that when you are nearly there they send you to the reseller.......I'll give the possible options a try and I'll get back with an answer if I find out how to get it right.
  7. The main issue is on the front left side, mention that the photo is taken from the back of the printer.
  8. I've had some issues getting large prints out of the UM2. From what I can see is the bed not level enough. And I cannot get it better. I was being helped by the UM support but when I mentioned that I bought the printer in Amsterdam I had to go back to Amsterdam and they don't respond until now. However I don't have a leveled bed and the UM support won't help me due to their policy. Now I have a printer that is not working like it should and is far from plug and play for larger prints. Can someone be so kind to help me out??? I've a quite expensive printer and it is not working consuming a lot
  9. Hi Perhaps you can watch the youtube about the Noisemaker plugin in Zbrush, should do the trick.
  10. I tried it and it is really great, printed on 218ºC and the transparency is great, easier to work with than XT, no stringing, and can be printed much faster to get the same transparency. Fan settings can be normal and still get the transparency. I printed a fan with it, on 50 mm/s and this was the result.https://ultimaker.com/en/community/prints/331-the-first-print-with-hd-glass
  11. Version 1.0


    First print with HD glass is superb!
  12. Hi I've the same issue, brim is printed uneven more filament on the right side of the print and have some extrusions issues, tom much retraction with the new firmware update from Feb. the 2nd. Any solutions yet? Or perhaps back to the old firmware?
  13. Thanks a lot for all you suggestions, I had the same issues, printing with FlexiFill from FormFutura. The final print settings that worked for me were: Temperature 230ºC Bed temperature 67ºC Speed: 10mm/s for every speed options only the travel speed was set to 150mm/s Layer: 0.1 mm No(!) glue on the bed Brim support to start with And last but not least I wiped the filament with a cloth on which I sprayed WD40, because I would not spray the WD40 in my tube, I don't know what the effect is on other filament that's why I did it this way around. The print is in the bottom layers not yet p
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