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  1. There are other proximity sensors other than inductive. A capacitive prox sponsor will be fine to see the glass. There is an adjustment pot on them for sensitivity to pick up the glass.
  2. Thank you Bagel Orb. That did the trick. printing just fine now
  3. Sweet. That is pretty cool. Thank you for the info. Can't wait to try it
  4. I would like to infill a part at 100% for the first 5mm of layers. than after that a 10% infill. Is this possible? It would be nice if that option was in the tweak at z plug-in.
  5. www.thingiverse.com/thing:230746 Thank you for your reply. in the bottom layers it fills in the bore where the indicator goes. then it opens back up. when it goes back to doing the top layer it fills in the bore again.
  6. Hello, I am pretty new to 3d printing still learning a lot. I am trying to print a dial indicator holder that I found on thingiverse. When cure slices the part it skips a hole on the first layer but it is there on the others. I used Netfabb to repair part. and it does the same thing with the repaired file. any suggestion?
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