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  1. Hey thanks for the response gr5. Let me respond to your suggestions. 1> I'm not a tweaker. When I have tweaked with settings in the past nothing good came out of it, and it just came down to time wasted. So jerk and acceleration settings are normal, but I will check. 2> What I'm going to do is loosen the set screws and rotate the shaft to a new position, giving the set screw a fresh piece of steel to bite into. 3> Marking the shaft is a great idea! Frankly it's the first time I've heard of it. 4> It sound like you have a misconception about the part build. In the picture the vertical axis (Z) is coming out of the picture. Imagine looking down through the top of the UM2 at the build plate and you would see the part just as it is pictured. I don't know if that affects your suggestions or not. I'll run through these items and try it again after a meeting and we'll see what happens. Thanks
  2. 3dverkstan is my go-to solution source when I have a problem, but it fell short this time. View of part in image: Looking down at plate, long dimension is X-axis. Shift is 1+ mm.
  3. Ultimaker2 Colorfabb PLA/PHA Extruder 210 C / Bed 50 C / Flow 100% Nozzle tip 0.4 mm Layer 0.1 mm Print Speed 60 mm/s Travel 120 mm/s
  4. While printing rectangular objects about 100 mm x 40 mm, I notice that the prints are shifted about 1 mm toward the rear of the machine (Y axis). The vertical Z axis shows no shifting and is perpendicular to the build plate. Beside belt tension and lubricating the slides what are some possible causes I can look at to resolve this?
  5. I agree with ahoeben, the PTFE isolator is probably deformed. This is mine that has just started to fail. This rendering shows how the path through the hot-end should be one smooth path down to the tip.
  6. We're using Geomagic Design (nee Alibre Design).
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