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  1. hello everyone. i have been using 123design to make my parts and stuff since i got my 3dprinter a couple of years ago. but now 123design is shutting down :( soo i need a new program to make all my stuff in i never got used to or manage to understand CAD softwares thats why i used 123design. It was easy to use and very fast to learn with no help soo does anyone know of similar program to 123 design thats fast and easy to use and learn and not have to be on youtube all day to try to understand how to make a simple box. have tried 360fusion but find it hard to use and not very intui
  2. So i just make the firmware and download and install on my printer Do i need to add the g code commands then? In that case how do i add the g code commands?
  3. hello. i just got my 24v led strip for my ultimaker and need some help to understand how to edit the g code to turn the leds on and off is this possible to do in cura at the start /end g code tab? or is there some magic stuff that need to happen? it would be awsome if ultimaker could add a function to the ulticontroller so its easy to add and adjust led lights but that may be a longshot?
  4. have anyone tried to use the lcd display from a ultimaker 2 on a ultimaker original plus? i would think it would work as the motherboard is the same or am i wrong? does the ultimaker original plus and ultimaker 2 use the same steppermotors? just ordered a led light kit on aliExpress for the ultimaker 2 that i am planing on using on my ultimaker original plus but i know i need to do som firmware changes soo is there a easy guide / tutorial on how to change the firmware to make the lights work? hope i didn't brake any rules since i posted a couple of questions in the same post
  5. thanks for the response okey i will wait until the um2 plus upgrade comes out i really like the fan shrouds on the ultimaker 2 and it seems like there is a lot more fan shrouds for the ultimaker 2
  6. thx for answering i don't know either ah i have never needed to change the nozzle on my machine yet so i really didnt know that have run my machine about 50 houres and never one clog so think i have been lucky soo far any links to where i can buy diffrent size nozzles for the UMO+ and hardened nozzles?
  7. now that i have started to get god with my 3dprinter i would like to experiment with nozzle size and was wondering if anyone have tried to mount a olson block on a ultimaker original? i know i can switch to the printerhead but i wanted to keep it as stock as possible as i like the design and don't want to mess with firmware if i have to do that to fit a e3d hotend on my umoplus was hoping someone have found a way to mount a olson block to the ultimaker original? as i like that the olson block is so simple
  8. anyone compared colorfabb xt clear vs colorfabb ngen clear? i need to order more filament and wondering to switch out my colorfabb pla/pha to colorfabb ngen any advice regarding to change to ngen instead of pla/pha how is ngen to print indoors vs pla/pha from colorfabb P
  9. i am looking for a z stage switch adjuster and i found this on thingiverse and printed it and started to assemble it and realize that the holes for the z stage switch is not on the same place as the ultimaker original soo it dosent fit :( soo any one that can modify it soo it would fit the original plus? i am not so good yet at modifying stuff :S or know of any other z stage adjuster that don't require you to screw or drill holes in the cabinet? how tight should the belts be on umo plus? i feel mine are too loose so i am looking for some belt tension clips have tried a couple but
  10. thanks to all of you and sorry for late reply. have been sick and moving :S i have tried cleaning and greasing the z rod but the problem is still there :( i have even tried printing diffrent stuff to but problem is there anyway :( starting to loose my mind over this :S any other ideas i can try to get ride of this problem?
  11. thank you all for answering me and sorry for soo late respons :( been sick and moving :S now that the printer is up and running again i am having problem that prints on the side the fan dont blow on gets messed up and kind of leaks out :( so if any have a link to a fan shroud that is good and tried or a dual fan shroud plz tell me and i will check out the h3 extruder
  12. okey thx guys will try to clean z rod and lube it up again cool that ultimaker have made a app
  13. hello. i have a UMO plus and have started to noticing layer shifts if i can call it that and was hope someone here could help or guide me to how to make those go away the shifts arent in the stl so it is the printer that makes them the 2 first picture are really showing the step or layer shift. but third picture is a bit harder but it is there :( soo if any one have any idea what is causing this let me know
  14. hello while i am waiting for the correct steppermotors for my umo plus i have been reading up on diffrent problems and challenges. soo i am looking for good fan shrouds for the umo plus and is there a good alternativ feeder for umo plus? something like IRobertI's feeder for the umo plus? just love the that it is soo simple and user friendly vs original feeder for the umo plus.
  15. about the black squars on the ulticontroller yeah i fixed that problem:) i started a ticket with support and they sent me a new ulticontroller and that fixed the problem. i havent tried to use the ribbon cable from the new kit on the first ulticontroller so cant confirm if it is the pcb or ribbon cable. and about the motors i am still waiting for replacement
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