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  1. Hi everybody, is it possible to print, let's say 3 different parts after each other and to have different settings (temperature, layer height, speed) for each of them? I'd like to print them over night without starting a new print manually. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you very much, that seems to be the sticking point. We used volumetric alle the time. I assume Marlin interpreted mm^3 as mm... Four weeks of error search just came to an end :-P . Thank you a lot! P.S.: This is why I used volumetric: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/6025-um-2-temperature/?p=60436
  3. Actually the filament diameter was set to 2.9 (mean value of 10 measurements). Which reprap mode do you use?
  4. Hi there, we face the following problem here: in order to set the printing temperature in Cura we had to choose the RepRap G-Code flavour in the machine settings, which we thought should be no problem. But it shows that this leads to a way too fast feeding speed. This means massive underextrusion and even "cutting" of the filament by the extruder motor. It took a while until we found out, that this was because of the flavour settings, but with UltiGCode it works fine! Same problem using Slic3r because there is no "UltiGCode". Does anybody else encounter that problem? P.S.: We'd like to set the temperature (nozzle) in Cura because we do some testing with the yield strength at different printing temperatures.
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