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  1. thank you for the link for the small fan on the back, i ordered it from digikey at 4pm on a monday and it was delivered at 10am the very next day... the fastest shipping i've ever had! what a difference it made to reduce the noise of my printer. i would like to change out the two larger ones as well with brushless fans. the biggest complaint my wife has with the printer is the noise it makes so anything i can do to reduce her stress works for me let me know what you find out insight01
  2. ok, got them uploaded. with explanations as well. you can find them in this gallery album:
  3. i'm very comfortable with soldering it's the taking the dive into the deep end this early in the relationship with my printer that had me a bit nervous. but i took the plunge! and what a difference it made!!! and really not that difficult. i was really worried about getting the fan out, it's hard to see back there and was not sure what needed to be taken out or moved to get the job done. but i can tell you, it's not that much, just moved the wires out of the way, two of the screws and bam! the fan was out. i took some photos of the adventure, i have to figure out how to post photos if any
  4. has anyone put up a video or tutorial or step by step on how to do the replacing? i want to do it, but i'm a bit tentative cuz it's a new printer and all and i don't want to do unfixable damage to the machine
  5. thank you everyone, i'm super stoked about the strong community around the ultimaker and the openness of the platform so that the community can make improvements on an already solid printer. i was having problems with my feeder right out of the gate, spent the weekend trying to figure out the art of 3d printing. i did see |robert| had created an alternative feeder and was having a heck of a time getting it to print one out. but i got it finally (i had to babysit the print, manually put pressure when the clicking of the feeder started) got it to print out and installed it. wow! what a differ
  6. i'm having a similar issue that i'm trying to find help with. i just unboxed my um2 and have printed the urobot guy twice and since then have not been able to get a good start to a print. :( i had a hard time getting my PLA into the feeder the very first time (following instructions written and video). got it in and had the knocking. i did see the upgraded filament feeder and went to print it out and since that point i can't get any of my prints to stick to the bed, just bunches up on the extruder. also found a post about the firmware 15. someone upgraded and then had these problems then p
  7. i'm very new to 3d printing, and super excited! as are my teenagers! i'm hoping that i can connect with other ultimaker users in my area. 3d printing is an art form and i'm a hands on learner. any other Calgarian's out there or even albertan's out there drop me a line kevin
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