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  1. Hi DidierKlein Thanks for your information. Printing a new fan shroud should not be a big issue. Btw, I found the drawings for both nozzles: http://wiki.e3d-online.com/images/3/3b/DRAWING-V6-300-NOZZLE.png https://github.com/Ultimaker/Ultimaker-Original-Plus/blob/master/1054_Nozzle_0.4mm/B1054-A2P-A.PDF Looking at the drawings it seems that the E3D is 3.5mm smaller. Cheers /moudi
  2. Hallo zusammen Ich möchte bei meinem UMO+ Nozzles mit einem grösseren Durchmesser verwenden. Weiss jemand ob die E3Dv6 Nozzles direkt mit dem originalen Hotend vom UMO+ verwendet werden können? Hat das schon mal jemand gemacht und wie sind die Erfahrungen? Oder müsste ich dazu das gesamte Hotend ersetzen? Vielen Dank und Gruss /moudi
  3. Hi all Just finished assembling my UMO+ and also found some errors in the manual. Adding them here and hope that Ultimaker will check back update the manual. 6.1.2, page 14: Image 5 shows the BLUE limit switch while the description of the image mentions the RED one. 6.1.2, page 15: Image 6 shows the RED limit switch while the description of the image mentions the BLUE one. 6.1.5, page 25: Step 22 – no bolts required anymore. The frame is already complete at this point. 6.2.1, page 29: Image 25 shows the FRONT block while the description of the image mentions the LEFT one. 6.2.3, page 32: Only 12 hex nuts and M3x16 bolts are required instead of the mentioned 16. 6.2.4, page 38/39: Step 4 – too many timing belts mentioned to FRONT axis. The one after the notice is not required. 6.3.1, page 43: Spiral wrapping is not required in this step. (required in 6.5.7) 6.3.1, page 50: None of the ends of the bowden tube has a blue tape on it. (not sure though if the manual or the delivery is wrong) 6.3.3, page 55: Image 68 - calibration sticks are attached to the timing belt instead to the axis. 6.4.1, page 59: Only 4 M3x10 bolts are required instead of the mentioned 6. 6.4.3, page 63: Image of the parts is missing. 6.4.8, page 75: The wooden gear has no «Extrude» engraved as mentioned in the parts list. 6.4.9, page 79: Image 96 shows the bolts and lock nuts twisted. The bolts have to be inserted from the top, the lock nuts are on the bottom. Image 98 shows it correctly. (the whole part is rotated by 180 degrees compared to image 95) 6.5.1, page 86: The jumpers are not required in this chapter. 6.5.4, page 89: the jumpers are already delivered on the board. No action is required. cheers /moudi
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