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  1. Well, I am glad you were able to find hair spray that works for you. That price on the 3DLac is damn steep with that shipping. I saw a video where someone had some Garnier Fructis hairspray (I think), so maybe I will try that when my 3DLac runs out. Thanks for sharing your experiences!
  2. The new wording is much better. I am glad that rather than just shouting at each other, a constructive solution could be found. Thanks @SandervG!
  3. Actually, Proto-Pasta now has some matte PLAs available. Never tried them though.
  4. Yeah, KickStarter is certainly a gamble and it is much harder to bring products to market than most people realize. But I thought the idea was interesting enough to share. Also it seems like they did some science on it, and I like that. Plus they seem to be past they blue sky idea phase and have an actual working system. That covers a big part of the risk, IMO. But who knows. Place your bet or don't, right? That is why I was wondering what the 3D Printing experts in the community thought about it.
  5. Le project semble interessant! Je pense qu'un post en anglais serait utile pour avoir plus de commentaires, alors j'ai cree ce post: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39540-a-revolutionary-filter-kickstarter-project Merci pour mentioner cette project.
  6. (I had trouble creating the original post, so here it is in a reply.) Hi all, @IronRedstar posted an interesting Kickstarter project in the French forum and I thought it would get some wide exposure/evaluation/comments if it was mentioned in English as well. It is a new particulate filter design/idea for 3D printers, including Ultimaker. It closes soon and they are promising shipping soon too. Anyway, if anyone is curious, here are some links: French post: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/39499-un-filtre-revolutionnaire-projet-kickstarter English Kickstarter page: Comments and opinions would be appreciated, especially from the more experienced amongst us. Enjoy!
  7. Hi there, I have used sewing machine oil when printing Ninjaflex, but I never correlated that with my dark spots. So, maybe, but I am not sure. Switching from a dark colour to a light one, or from ABS to PLA, or printing too hot and burning the filament would all seem to be more likely causes, I would think. That said, maybe Canola or other cooking oils would produce different results. Still, I do not think you need oil unless you are printing a flexible material. Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck!
  8. Hi @exforma23, Can you tell me who is the Canadian supplier that 3dLeon mentioned? And like @neotko suggested, hair spray can work too, if you find the right brand. I did try some cheap stuff and it did not stick at all. I never tried any others though. Still, trying some super ultra extra hold stuff might work for you. It would save you some headaches. For glue stick, the trick is to wipe it down with a damp cloth after applying so that you get an even, smooth, invisible surface. That said, 3DLac/hairspray is much easier and does seem to give more consistent results, at least for me. Just take the glass plate out of the printer before spraying it. OH! I just remembered a hair spray brand that was said to work: Aqua Net. I cannot find it locally for me, but you might have better luck. Anyway, good luck. Please do share your experiences with this adventure, okay?
  9. Another option I just noticed: There is another Canadian store, MachinaCorp (.ca), that has 3dLac and they do not say they limit shipping. You may or may not have luck with them. I have never done business with them, however, i cannot say anything more than that. Anyway, hope it helps!
  10. Hi there, Welcome to the forum! I do not know about any US resellers, but it is available in Canada from VolexFactory. Unfortunately, I just checked their page and they say they cannot ship it outside of Canada. 3DLac is made by 3D-Leon in Spain. They have a resellers page, but nothing for North America. But maybe you an get it from one of those. Another option that I have seen people mention positively is Dimafix. It too is a European product, but the Dimafix company also has resellers that might be a source for you. That said, when I looked at FormFutura's website, for example, they say they cannot ship Dimafix outside of Europe. I think there are limitations on shipping flamable aerosols, which perhaps explains your Amazon difficulties. So, maybe you have access to a Canadian address for VoxelFactory? Alternatively, several people have posted in this forum about certain brands of hair spray that work very well. But not all hair spray, so the exact brand is important. You might try searching for that and see if you can find something that is available locally. Having personally used 3dLac, I can say that I really like it. It is much nicer to use than gluestick, for example. But, of course, of you cannot buy it, then that does not matter. Anyway, I hope this helps. Hopefully someone else will have a better answer. Good luck!
  11. I have this same issue. I did not used to be like this. Back in the Cura 15/16 days (and corresponding firmware), the end-of-print and end-of-filament-change retractions were something sane. I do not know exactly when the change happened, but at some point around Cura 2.1 (as I seem to recall fuzzily), end-of-print and end-of-filament-change retractions got longer. Too long. Or possibly it started when I upgraded to from UM2 to UM2+. Not sure. Also, I have/had this issue with both stock and tinker firmwares. I have never used USB printing, and I have never changed retraction settings in tinker until I started seeing the issue. I have not figured out how to solve it even with tinker firmware. And the problem seems exacerbated when using the 0.25mm nozzle, but maybe not. It might be the same too-much and not more too-much, if that makes any sense. So, LePaul is not alone. Since I have the tinker firmware right now, maybe it would help to know what the "normal" default stock 2+ values should be. I could then compare to see if my settings are off. Still, factory reset does not fix this. Anyway, hope this helps a bit.
  12. Yeah, I was confused about it too. It seems AppImage is a thing. You can find more info here: http://appimage.org/ But I have not actually played with it directly yet. I am still on 2.3.1 for now. I have to upgrade my Ubuntu before I can use 2.4, so I have put it off for a while. :( I agree though that Ultimaker should write some words and make them prominently visible for the AppImage Linux install. AppImage is (to me anyway) a new and weird and non-standard way to install software on Linux. So, I would expect that the majority of Linux people have no clue what the heck AppImage is. That puts the burden on Ultimaker, IMHO, to be the teacher and explaing this new (and wonderful?) way of installing things. Anyway, hope this helps. Good luck!
  13. Hi there, Welcome to the forum! I used be on openSuSE. I really liked it! Taking a quick look in OBS, I do not see that anyone has built a 2.4 yet. There was a 2.3.1 in there, so you do not have to be at 14 or 15 anymore. But also, with Cura 2.4 on Linux, Ultimaker has switched to a different "universal" package system. So, you might try downloading that from the Ultimaker website and give that a go using the instructions/conventions of the new package. Alternatively, maybe you want to be the first on OBS to make a 2.4 build? Maybe others here can comment. I have not been on Suse for a few years now so I am out of the loop. Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck!
  14. Oh, and please do share your conclusions and final choice with us! It is interesting to know what others think.
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