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  1. Thanks neotko. I will quadruple check again tonight, but I really have checked over and over again... all over.
  2. Hi folks, I have recently upgraded my UM2 with the extrusion upgrade kit. Something I have always wanted to do was to print in polycarbonate at higher temperatures. I have successfully done the Labern fan shroud in PC at 260 degrees and it works great (no warping), but for stronger parts I believe I need higher temperatures. Others have done higher temperatures, but I want to confirm current knowledge/wisdom. From my reading, the new TFM coupler is much better at high temperature, and I think the TinkerGnome firmware will let me set the nozzle temperature up to 300 degrees, so my question
  3. Hi Folks, It's been a long time since I have been on the forums. I love my printer though! I have recently installed the UM2 extruder upgrade kit, but I cannot seem to find the '+' stickers. Either my kit did not include them, or (more likely), I have misplaced them, though I have looked all over and cannot find them. I know it is a little thing and completely inconsequential, but it is really bugging me to not have the silly little '+' symbols. Is there any way I could get new stickers sent to me? My upgrade kit is from shop3d.ca. The printer was built by fabrc8. ... If that matters
  4. Hi there, Izzy just posted these: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/wire-retainer-clip I printed them and they work great. It is a small thing, but very convenient.
  5. No problem! I just figured you might have been interested in the reasoning behind my mucking about. Thanks again. Welcome!
  6. Okay, I have post up my version on Youmagine at: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/openscad-metric-nut-bolt-threads-library. It should have everything needed to just use the library. I also posted a remix on Thingiverse at: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:742847, but it just points to the Youmagine version. Finally, I posted a comment on TrevM's original (updated) version, letting him know what we have been up to and inviting his feedback. So with all this done, other than any continuing conversation on this thread or with TrevM, I think I am done with threads. Thanks again to all
  7. @DonMilne: Rendering: Yes, full render for export. Edit code, clear cache, F5 preview, F6 render, measure time. I guess my laptop is just really good at 3D rendering. Threads peeking out: Yeah, even with different $fn for the cylindar, I think it is just a visual glitch in OpenSCAD. When I load the STL in Cura, the cylinder is always smooth. (Er... I think. I should probably verify that.) @Luke: Thanks! It is really mostly the hard work of TrevM on thingiverse. We just tweaked a few things and tested stuff.
  8. Okay, so I think I have finished tweaking TrevM's library and it now works really well. Once I realized that he had a bunch of fudge factors (tweaked offset numbers) in there, probably to make things work on his printer (Makerbot?), then I decided to take them all out and see what I got. What I got were bolts that worked perfectly! I had to widen the nut hole diameter a bit, that is now the only fudge factors in there now. The results speak for themselves: (Printed on UM2, Normal quick profile. = 0.1mm, 20% infill, and something effectively a bit less than 50mm/s.) And they are ne
  9. @VISU-AL: That is really helpful! If/when I play with Blender again, this will be convenient. I think it will serve as a decent reference for the future. (Search keys: blender nut bolt metric threads) Thanks very much!
  10. As for your long render, during my experimenting, when I had something non-manifold (not one solid part), the render took a long time and then warned me about it. Maybe something similar happened to you.
  11. Hi DonMilne, Okay, I will put it in words. (I am also a Windows coder by day, but Linux lover by night.) Take the updated/current ISOThread.scad and make the following edits: Line 126, in thread_out_pitch(), change: th_out_pt(Rmin+0.1,p,s,sg+(t*thr),thr,h,p/thr); To: th_out_pt(Rmin-0.1,p,s,sg+(t*thr),thr,h,p/thr); Line 231 in th_out_turn() change: th_out_pt(Rmin+0.1,p,s,sg,thr,h,p/thr); To: th_out_pt(Rmin-0.1,p,s,sg,thr,h,p/thr); Those 2 make the bolt threads touch the cylinder. I did not change the nut threads as they are already touching the nut and the toleranc
  12. (Also, it seems I am incapable of writing a short post!)
  13. Hi folks, Okay, so I did a bunch of testing and tweaking and code spelunking this weekend. I have made progress and fixed all but 1 issue with the newest/current version of TrevM's library. Patch below. But first: @Daid: I really like your solution! it is clever and elegant. Unfortunately: I have no idea how to turn it into a Metric Standard compatible library (or even make any real changes, I am not 3D modeller or engineer), I don't really want to build a whole new library around it or manually build nuts and bolts in multiple steps, and My test print of the threads seemed a bit
  14. Agreed. I will poke at Daid's and TrevM's code this weekend. It is also good to know that there is an alternative with Blender, but I am really liking OpenSCAD right now and want to get something there to work well and reliably. Daid, do you mind if I make a new library using your code? I would post it as open source and credit you, of course. I don't know if I will go down that path, but if I do, is it okay with you? I will also likely try to contact TrevM for his thoughts/insights. And I think I will revisit the other library I tried first to see if I can get different results now.
  15. Okay, so DonMilne sent me his original files, so I did some comparisons. Using his settings from is gcode file, and slicing his original STL in Cura, the threads look like they would work. Even regenerating the STL from the SCAD and slicing it seems to be correct. So definitely the older ISOThread_20120823 library works properly. I then tried updating his origial Thread Test SCAD to use the new library. I can post the updated code if DonMilne is okay with that. Otherwise PM me. What I changed was the following: Changed the library to the updated one. $fn=45 is about equivalent t
  16. Here are the pics. The fails: One can see the issue with the way Cura 15.02.1 slices the threads. They print like that too. lob, blob, blob. Not continuous. The success: Lower shaft side count and lower thread segment count leads to better/smoother slicing. I hope this helps others trying to print threads!
  17. Okay, so based on what has been said here, I did some more testing: I tried more of DonMilne's mentioned settings. I tried the older library. I tried M12 instead of M6. I tried DonMilne's $fa and $fs. I tried larger and smaller $fn. I tried the Default profile in Expert mode. (Which is different than the Normal quickprint profile.) O_o I scaled an M6 up 200% in Cura. I tried different temperatures. (I was using 215 for the UM Silver) (Tried 200 and 190). I switched to ColorFabb Ultra Marine Blue PLA/PHA (brand new!). Tried the M12 and 200% scale. I compared various combination
  18. Hi everyone, I am the proud owner of a brand new UM2. Only had it a few days so far. It seems the thing to do here is to post a hello message in this thread. ... So, hello from Ottawa, Canada! So far I have having great fun learning OpenSCAD, messing things up and going overboard with filament purchases. I will say that the positive vibe I got lurking on the forums is part of why I chose and Ultimaker, so thanks to everyone already! Take care! Krys
  19. Here is a picture of some of my attempts. One can see the problem with the threads clearly, I believe.
  20. Hi there, Just got my Ultimaker 2 a few days ago and this is my first forum post. I am trying to print a nut and bolt based on this thread, but I am not having any luck. I know this thread is a year old, but I was wondering if DonMilne or anyone else could share their specific settings that got this to work. (Or should I start a new thread?) On my side, I have tried print an M8 and an M9, using the updated version of TrevM's library, on normal, high and ulti quality quickprint profiles. I have tried slowing speed to 5 mm/s on all speed settings, I have tried disabling combing. I have b
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