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  1. Any help? I printed an octopus twice and both prints had issues at the same layer. So I tried a shorter model. Printed the whole thing, but I had Cura set to do two models. First model went well, but the second failed in 2-3 layers. I have no idea why. Ideas?
  2. So I tightened all the screws, including the screws on the motor. But it's still happening. Happens within only 3-4 layers before it screws up.
  3. Hi, I got my Ultimaker 2 in Janurary, and have been getting good quality prints for the past 4 months. I am attending a trade show this weekend, and was invited to bring my 3d printer, so in anticipation, I have printed about 10 objects for example. Suddenly, starting yesterday, I have been having a problem where the extruder is printing just fine, and then suddenly I hear a kind of grind sound, like the belt is slipping, and the whole nozzle and everything moves to the right about 10mm. And it keeps printing like nothing happened. I have attached a photo. I was printing a vase that
  4. Great, I was looking for an option like that. The main piece does come off the heatbed. And it is heated. I will try printing with a brim.
  5. Hi, This is my first post with Ultimaker. I am fairly new to the 3d printing world. In Janurary this year I got my Ultimaker 2. I have printed quite a few things over the past few months, learning as I go. But I am having a huge problem with one part that I am trying to print. I have failed at least 6 times. And I need some advice. The file I am trying to print is this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zsn96gard590bvq/skirt.stl?dl=0 And everytime I try to print, I get this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jk7f4eca2u3c308/2015-03-19%2008.48.20.jpg?dl=0 I am using mostly default settings, exc
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