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  1. I can say from using Onshape for a while how that I do not see a big difference in how a part model reacts in my Chrome browser to one running in CAD software on my win 8.1 computer. I can also say that when I make a change to a part model in my browser that another person that I have shared the project with and is online in OZ can see that change in less time than I can figure. I know this because I was also talking to him on Skype and he verified the change right when I made it. Dave
  2. Zumfab Here is a link to a webpage where Onshape details there security. https://www.onshape.com/security I found it interesting, I hope you do also. Dave
  3. Zumfab I'm guessing you are going to stay with your current CAD software and keep paying you annual maintenance. I'm also guessing that you do thousands of Euros in CAD billing every year. This program is not for everyone. I am a retired hobby machinist that just has fun designing model marine propulsion systems for RC model tug boats.I don't have thousands of dollars wrapped up in CAD software. I do pay $300 per year maintenance for the CAD program I use the most. If Onshape does all they are talking about on there website and on there forum they can save me that $300. There are a lot of th
  4. Zumfab Here is a link to Onshape FAQs Read what they have to say about security. I think you will find it interesting. Dave https://www.onshape.com/faqs
  5. Zumfab I have read so much about Onshape over the last few days I am not sure where I read information about security. I did find 1 article that is interesting. Dave https://www.onshape.com/cad-blog/avoiding-the-blue-screen-of-death-welcome-to-a-new-generation-of-cad-reliability
  6. Hello all. I have been using Onshape from the 10th. I own a seat of Alibre/Geomagic that I have to pay $300 a year if I want to stay up to date with the program. I am a model engineer and don't do real large projects so 5 active projects and 5mb of storage is not a problem for me. When my current maintenance expires I do not think I will renew. That will save me $300 that can go to tooling or materials. With the amount of traffic there is on Onshapes forum there are a lot of folks using it. The program is in Beta and will be there until the people at Onshape feel that it is ready for everyone
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