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  1. 24 % infill solved the problem. Thank you very much the firmware ... i never touch a running system
  2. Thank you for this quick answear. I notice, that the grid is going from 24 to 25 % much closer together. 24 % got a much bigger mesh. I will try it with my next print and tell if it worked.
  3. Hi Guys, I got an ultimaker 2 and have some problems printing out objects. Maybe somebody could help me, I got some problems with infill. The infill doesnt look like it should. Its only vertical lines (but they are printed clearly) instead of a mesh This is a picture how the infill should look (cura) Here is a screenshot how it looks when printing: This problem occurs in lots of prints. Im using Cura 15.02.1 (Printer firmware 14.x) printing at 2mm³/sec - pla 210 degrees about 50mm/sec Infill 25 % same speed as rest of the print The outside object surface is very good I cannot find anything on the internet about this problem. (The other premade models from SD-Card print its infill correctly ) It occurs on lots of objects i want to print with Cura
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