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  1. Hi Guys, Is there going to be a Printrbot support?
  2. Hi there, Yep i will try with 0.1. Thanks for suggesting this. I am printing at 195 -197C and my printing speed is 50. I can try to lower the speed to 30 and temperature to 190C - just to test. Will come back with resultsrobably tomorrow
  3. Just a thought maybe it it because of Z-Hop. Mine is 0.075
  4. Ok... I have just printed some tests. Settings are the same 1. Two cubes with option print all at once. And they are perfect!!! 2. Just a single cylinder. It has two seams 3. One cube - seams on two corners again There should be a solution, I can't print all parts two times ))
  5. From the post,It looks like there is no solution :( Any other ideas. I will try to print a simple cylinder just to see if it is a Z_scar
  6. Thank for your guys. Yes, I have tried to print more then one cube, with and without brim. Both cubes have the same issue and only from one side! I have tried to rotate them the issue still from the same side. It looks like it is a point where hot end stops and starts to print next layer. What does Z- seam means and how to fix it? Cheers
  7. Hey Guys, I have tried to print 5 more cubes and and they all have this problem. Cant find a solution!
  8. Hi guys, I have started to use Cura and all my prints are almost perfect except one problem. I have found same issue on this forum but couldn't fix it on my Printrbot Simple metal I basically have raised edges, it looks like over extruded, but I have reduced filament flow and still have the problem. But what interesting if I print a cube it happens only on two corners . please see image. Thanks for your advice.
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