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  1. I am running Cura 15.02.1 on a Macintosh Running OSX 10.10.2 (Yosemite) with a Printrbot Simple Metal. I am relatively new to 3D printing but two weeks in, I have had many successful prints and for the most part I am scaling the learning curve nicely. That being said, I am having a problem with Cura hanging after a long print (4+ hours). This does not happen every time after a long print, but it does happen most of the time. When Cura hangs, the rest of the system remains useable and stable - but Cura give the spinning ball of death. This sometimes happens while the print is still in process, but the print continues without incident. Ultimately, the only cure for the spinning ball of death is to force-quit the application. The first time Cura starts up after the force-quit, it runs the start up wizard. This might make some sense if Cura had crashed upon its first run, and had not had a chance to save the preferences, but this occurs even when Cura has been launched and quit serveral times before the hang-up. I checked the console logs, and do not see anything that jumps out at me, but I did note that a separate diagnostic crash log has been saved. No help to me, but may be a help to someone else. The hang-up is more of an annoyance than a major problem, but if anyone else is having this problem, misery does love company. If anyone has found a cause or even better a solution that would be welcome as well. Thanks, WaitingGame
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