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  1. I replaced the hole bowden tube system ( I ordered the BOWDEN PACK Ref #1696 ) with the originals blue clips. I think that one of the main reasons for this problem is a short tube. Therefore I think that cutting the tube is not a good idea. I will suggest you to change your bowden tube with a new one. I hope this may hepl you.
  2. Hi! I am very happy to share with you that after replacing the Bowden Tube, both tube coupling collets and both clips, the boeden tube remains inserted and has no longer been expulsed after 50 hours of continous use. Thank you !
  3. Thank you for the stl files, esopalumpa! I will try them also.
  4. Thank you for your advice. The printer with the problem is a very new one ( only 20 hours of use) and with all the original parts. After writting my first post I cutted the bowden 5mm in the feeder side and I could print a couple of prints normally and in the third piece the bowden was pushed out again. I didn´´´ t try yet to use the Tube coupling collet of my other UM2+. I will check this option. Instead of replacing this tube coupling collet with the one on my old UM2+ I have ordered a new tube coupling collect and I will test it to see if this is the reason for the abnormal behavour.
  5. Hi! I have just started having exactly the same problem in a very new UM2+ ( not more than 2 days of use/printing). I have three UM printers: One "old" UM2+, another UMS3, and recently I bought another UM2+. In the two older printers I never suffered this problem , but in the newset UM2+ the bowden comes out from the feeder after 15 or 20 minutes of normal printing. I have checked already everything as you also did. I am also very interested to find a solution as it is a very new machine and I don´t know wich should be the reason for this issue. I am looking f
  6. I have been dealing with this topic for some months. I am an obstetrician doing 3D ultrasound for the last 15 years. I tried with several software as 3D Slicer or Invesalius. The problem with General Electric Ultrasound machines ( the most widespread 3D ultrasound brand all around the world) is that the exported DICOM files seem to be in a propietary format that it is not standard. There are some alternatives as the DICOMatic software from Tomovision to convert the General Electric DICOM files into "standard" DICOM, but at least with the demo version of Dicomatic I
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