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  1. A big problem that is seldom recognized in the 3D world is productizeation. Making a design easily and quickly printable. I can print it, change it, re-print it to get it to perfection on my machine with my preferred tool set. But there is no guarantee at all that it will print on a different machine or with a different tool set. As you can see from the original photos, I had it printing and working with steel metric nuts and bolts from M6 upwards, but it only just worked for you. Here in this forum you have commonality of printers (to a greater extent than most), and you have a shared tool
  2. Hi Guys, I am TrevM, full name Trevor Moseley. Krys: Thank you very much for introducing me to this thread. All: I very much enjoyed reading all your comments, it is really nice to see that someone is using the lib. You were wondering about my printer: My printer is a RepRap Metric Mendel Prusa. I built it from plans off RepRap wiki, sourcing basic parts from EBay, Farnell etc. Did everything 'on the cheap', whole printer cost less than £250. I am still not sure how it compares on print quality. My first task was to build a winch for our washing line. I was disappointed to not find a way
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