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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. Its slowly but surely making sense. Its probably good I don;t have the printer yet, and have some time to acclimate to how everything works together.
  2. It's still food for thought. If someone has used it and it's good, it's worth asjing. If it's junk though, I'd rather avoid the headaches. I also have no concept of how much you can print from one spool, and I've yet to figure out how you add the supports for overhangs n such. I though the Cuda had some function to add them, but a half hour poking around it didn't reveal anything visual indicating such. I've been trying to find tutorials on prepping objects for print, but most are 2-3 years old, and probably out of date compared with current software. The comments on amazon made this
  3. I want to try some clear prints once I get my printer, and saw argos filament at amazon for a good price compared to other brands. Has anyone tried this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B012YDB4VY/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1452369052&sr=8-1&pi=SY200_QL40&keywords=clear+filament+1.75mm&dpPl=1&dpID=41xBuVFBJeL&ref=plSrch#immersive-view_1452369264712 Also has anyone seen transparent green filament anywhere at a good price?
  4. Since someone mentioned filament and humidity... is it best to store filament in airtight containers?
  5. Id love to know if there's one in the US that has it in stock... So far they are all selling the 2... at the price of the 2+ You can find the 2+ in Stock at 3d universe (where I ordered tge 2+ extended) but for some reason the factory that assembles them didn't start doing the 2 extended + assembly until after getting a batch of 2+ out. The earliest I found was 3d universe expecting to shop out 2+ extended printers on Jan 26th, but if you miss getting one of those first delivery ones, they told me odds are it would just be a few more days before more arrive. I was also told this is an un
  6. Yep, I'll be making costume props, parts for them (detail things like skull detail for our Orcs) and might even try doing a orc lower tusk dental prosthetic. I've got products at daz3d.com, and it would be nice to do some prints of those. I just saw a sweet model of the Fallout 4 helmet, and since we are doing Atom Cats costumes this year, I think I need to print out that laser gun. Since we have a few weeks before we get our printer, I can setup where we'll have it, download cura (and other recommended utilities) and see if I can set up some things for printing once it arrives. I have lig
  7. After a very satisfying discussion on the phone, I ordered the 2+ extended from 3d universe, even though they won't have them to ship till the 26th. Hopefully they won't take the payment till they have them in hand, which will extend my 6 Mos interest free financing.
  8. I am getting mine today from Dynamism in USA. They have them in stock. Yeah they have the 2+ in stock, but no one is getting the 2+ extended till the 26th
  9. I'll be doing "art" statue prints of my 3d sculpting, but we will also be doing 3d printing of costume parts like body armor and helmets, so the extra size makes more sense, and it's not like you can really expand the print size unless you resell and buy the bigger version. I ran into something similar last year looking at the printrbot, and we ended up not buying by the time they finally got them back in stock, so it feels a lot like deja vu...lol!
  10. Ah well. I've lived without a 3d printer till now. Another month won't kill me.
  11. Will do, and thanks for the reassuring replies. It looks like none if the us resellers will have them till the end of the month, so I guess I'll just spend the month doing more researching. Someone said the direct store was still working, but I can't pull it up on mobile...I only get the reseller list.
  12. It looks like adafruit still has only the 2 in stock and doesn't carry the 2+ or 2+ extended yet. :( Annnnd dynamism doesn't expect them till the end of Jan. Makershed only lists the 2, and 3d universe doesn't expect shipments to resume until 1/26. So I guess no one has the new models at all yet. :(
  13. He bought his direct, not from a reseller, and I'll update my profile now.
  14. Thanks for the reply. I'm in the eastern US, and I'll follow That link to see what new information I can dig up.
  15. Thanks, and yes I just replied to that other question. A freind got his ultimaker for christmas, and is looking into how to address the new update today. (He was unaware of the new announcement.) I actually have the 2+ extended in the cart at two separate resellers, but am waiting to hear which one (s) has them now, and who is recommended by the community. Once I do, I'll order at one of them.
  16. Thanks for the advise. I'm in no rush to print a flexible item, but wanted to make sure the possibility was there. I'm in the US. My birthday is the 23rd, and my wife wanted to get this for my birthday.
  17. I'm looking at ordering.... is one reseller considered better than another as far as service, and shipment timeframe? In a perfect world, all would be equal, but we don't live in a perfect world...lol! Also what should I add to the cart for the 2+? Abs and pla? Blue tape? Is there a cheaper/better source for spools than the reseller list? Is there a beginner tips post to avoid the mistakes all beginners make? Looking foreward to the adventure!
  18. Aa a potential new ultimaker customer, I'm watching this situation closely. I've several concerns... First, you can no longer buy direct, so new customers are stuck buying from a reseller, adding another iteration to the equation if there is an issue like this. Second, typically companies will work with customers in the past 30 days on upgrade issues like these... it's very unsettling to see "talk to your reseller" coming from company reps. Instead, I'd MUCH rather see, "Don't worry about this, we will upgrade customers who have purchased in the past xxxx timeframe. Contact your reseller
  19. 2 Questions. .. it was mentioned flexible materials work on the 2+... what specific materials? Also when will the 2+ be in stock at resellers? I'm looking at ordering, and I'm seeing "shipment at the end of jan" at one reseller. I don't need it tomorrow, but also don't want to wait for 3 weeks if I don't have to.
  20. Yup, I just read the announcement! Guess I picked a good day to go 3d printer shopping. I'm wondering if there will be a delay now though if resellers are waiting for the new models?
  21. They say in the description that tge olssen block is included free for a limited time, but no ending date is listed, and the block is not listed as an add on option for the 2+ or 2+ extended. Just trying to get my ducks in a row...
  22. Are the settings here also applicable to the printrbot metal plus?
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