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  1. Thank you for the guides. The head does heat up but not nearly enough to melt of the ABS.
  2. Hi all. My Ultimaker has jammed up plenty of times during its life. All of which were fixable with some work. This one however I will now need to replace my hot end as well as the wiring. I already have all the new parts I require but I am here today asking about what the best way to do this would be. Specifically how I should go about replacing the heater cartridge. The wires seem to be clamped down to the Arduino board, but when I tried to remove the board I found that I would have to take the side panel off that connects to the motor and I didn't want to risk messing something in there up s
  3. Here are the pictures of the cleaned hot end. I ordered a new PT100B sensor from fbrc8 and it should be here any day now. Based on these picutres what else may I need? I also tested the fans all of which work. If there is anything else I can assit you while assisting me just let me know and I'll be happy to do it! Have a good one!
  4. I'll definitely look into that. Thank you!
  5. What makes that heater block an upgrade and what is a reliable source I can trust to get me things like this?
  6. I'll post a new picture of the cleaned hot end on Monday when I see the Machine again. Thank you for all your friendly and helpful advice. I am confident I can fix this thing with all the helpful info and the great support of the community. I had read about Ultimaker's amazing and friendly community, and I am proud to find out that was a very accurate description.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I have removed all of the excess filament and I'm not sure how to proceed. From what I can see all other wires except for that grey one in the pictures above are still attached and in tact. What do you suggest I do to get this thing fixed? Should I try and contact the Ultimaker Support team and have then help me with this or will they have me mail it into them or something of that nature? If not and I need to take this on myself, what parts do I need? And am I going to need to rewire anything else because of this? also is there any manuals or something that show to re
  8. I will do just that. Thank you for your help!
  9. I had started a print on my Ultimaker 2 and left it unattended, for it was a 6 hour print and didn't have time to sit there and watch it all day. When I returned the print had massively failed. There was also a thick glob of filament in between the fan plate and the extruder head. I unscrewed the fan assembly so I could remove the blockage. I found that the filament had hardened around the medium sized grey-ish wire. How should I proceed? Do I need to buy some new parts and wiring and fix it? Is this something that can be fixed or is my ultimaker broken for good? Any advice or ideas on how
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