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  1. Hey thanks for all your help. I think it's fixed! The guitar string did the trick. Although the infill still is a little stringy, it isn't clicking any more.
  2. Thank you for the input!! Do you know any distributers in the US that supply Colorfabb and/or Faberdashery?
  3. The extruded filament is curling as it is coming out of the nozzle. After doing multiple atomic cleans, I noticed a couple indents in the "plug" that came out (Its kinda hard to see in the photo). These indents moved around the plug between pulls. I'm assuming that these are some kind of particle that should not be in there. However, I am having a hard time getting them out. I tried the hypodermic needle method (I used guitar strings which I have used in the past on my other printer) but I could not get them out. What do you recommend?
  4. Also any suggestions on how to make certain prints stick better to the build plate besides slowing the speed down a lot? The glue doesn't seem to be helping much.
  5. Hi, I recently purchased an Ultimaker 2 about two weeks ago. I'm interested in getting new colors of filament. Does anyone know what is the best PLA filament to use with the Ultimaker? Thanks
  6. No I have not printed over 210 besides when following the troubleshooting instructions in my UM2 manual, which said to print at 260C for a little to clear any blockages. And I am only about 1/2 way through my spool, but the problem started way before that. I will try what you suggested and post the results after. Thanks so much for the help.
  7. Ok thanks. Sorry about the pictures. I had a hard time getting them in there. I moved the filament to the floor and it did not seem to help. Neither did loosening the screws. I have changed the speed/layer height/ temperature multiple times and it did not seem to help. Currently I am printing at 210C with .1mm layer height. The speeds are Travel speed 150mm/s Bottom layer speed 25 mm/s Infill speed 80 mm/s Top/bottom speed 25 mm/s Outer shell speed 40 mm/s Inner shell speed 60 mm/s These are usually a bit slower as I usually adjust the speed to 80-90% during the print. Also, these ar
  8. Ok. Thanks. I was a little hesitant to print at 260 because I was worried it would carbonize, but the UM2 manual said to do it for up to 10 minutes. Is there any reason why it would say to do this?
  9. I take that back about the print quality. Its causing small gaps between layers and the infill is just strings. I would really appreciate any input, Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I just received my UM2 about two weeks ago. A few days after I got it, the feeder motor started clicking during prints. It happens about once every 10-15 seconds. After checking online, I know that this noise is the feeder motor skipping back to prevent the filament from grinding, but I have tried everything I could find to solve it. I'm not really sure if it has been affecting prints in any way, but I cannot seem to get it to stop. I'm printing at well below the recommended 8mm^3/s and I have only printed with the Ultimaker PLA that came with my printer. I have tried prin
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