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  1. Lol something calledd Euro-Cladding and is banned in EU 😛 I´ve had this happen to me on my ultimaker 2... Heat gun did the job very well. However I had to replace the temp sensor sinse it got damaged in the progress of removing pla blob..
  2. Thank you all for your help! Should have turned to the forum at the very beginning! I decided to go with Fbrc-8.. Great customer support from Erin!
  3. Thank for the tip! I will creat a thread once I get my spare parts and are up running ( if those part didn´t help) Also my pulleys is VERY excentric. meaning belt will only be tight in one possition, turn it 180 degrees and belt is slack. Wich should have impact on moving print head in XYZ. Never heard a tooth skip on the belt tho.. Also it´s not just one pulleys but 80% if them. One of the short belts are affected by it..
  4. I wish not to bad mouth any vendor publicly but PM me if you want to know who I dealt with
  5. I´ve bought a lot of stuff from US lately and shipping was usually 36€ with ups or dhl. wich is actually not bad at all. Do you happen to have the following parts or can get them for me? 1. Metal fan shroud horizontal version for UM 2/2+ 2. Upper plastic house for the print head 3. Complete pulley kit 4. The support axis tool for removing rod´s. It´s probably 3d printed but not sure..
  6. Yes there's only one reseller in my country. I actually bought my um2 from sweden since swedish is my native language and felt more comfortable buying and getting support in my native tongue.. But I'm not too happy with them since I addressed that the pulley's was very excentric and would like a new set of pulleys, I got the answer that it wouldn't affect printing quality and I should just keep on printing. This was still when my printer was under warranty.. And now I need a new set since printing cylindrical and square object is not working out for me. So giving them money for something
  7. Hello! I sent him a reminder yesterday. Will wait until next week befor I give him a call. I did print a couple of those fan shrouds from youmagine. Nice design but ofc they tend to deform while using higher temps. So I would really like to have an metal one. Also good to have all original parts if I ever tend to sale my ultimaker. Do you know any place where I could get good quality pulleys for all axels and the top plastic house for the printhead? Thanks for your reply Regards
  8. I´m in need of some spare part to my ultimaker 2. Trying to get a set of pulleys and a fan shroud ( the fan shroud for ultimaker 2+ horizontal version) and I sent 3 emails over the past year to ultimaker.com...And no answer at all.. Realized there´s an official ultimaker retailer in my country nowadays and contacted him. He offered me a boundle set with spare parts for a fair price but that excluded the shroud and a tool I also want. (the rod support tool when removing rods). Also there was so many parts in that boundle I had no use for so it would only cost me extra $.... Now another week ha
  9. I just need to clarify this because I´m an idiot, and just started to use Cura.. I got a model with 3mm walls, roof and flor. And want to print this with 1mm nozzle. Does it matter if I use .25 / .4 / .6 / or .8 nozzle when printed with 1mm? Line width : 1mm Wall thickness : 3mm Wall Line count : 3 Top / bottom thickness 1 Infill : 0% This should give me 3mm thick walls all around the model right?
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