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  1. I've converted my UMO to 1.75 filament, discussed here: I'm stuck dialing in the e-steps. Would you be able to send/share your firmware settings to see if it would work on my setup. Thank you very much.
  2. That one should work...search for Amadee's firmware to configure a 12864 LCD Smart Display Controller.
  3. You should get this one instead. https://folgertech.com/collections/lcd-displays/products/lcd-display-controller-12864-graphical-reprap-ramps-3d-printer-mendel-1 I have it on both of my UMOs, and they work perfectly.
  4. UPDATED LISTING 11.24.2017 Converting my UMO to a 1.75 filament Hyper Cube printer, as well as changing the board and controller. Selling the following. 1. UMO BOARD - Genuine PCB board, modded with a 4.7k ohm resistor, to allow for the E3D cartridged style thermistor to work. I have been using it with the E3D V6 without problems. - $75 shipped 2. UMO ULTICONTROLLER - works great, slight light bleed on the lcd and card slot works but sd card should be pushed a few times to stay in - $25 shipped
  5. Thank you for your reply. I will connect it to pronterface and take a snap shot and post it here. I agree with what you said about making firmware changes for the EStesp, thermistor type and graphic display. Hope to gets some tips once when I post the firmware settings.
  6. Hello everyone, Seeking help to configure the firmware for the UMO I'm in the process of converting to use 1.75mm filament. I've upgraded to the following parts. 1. MK8 METAL EXTRUDER - https://www.banggood.com/3D-Printer-MK8-1_75mm-Remote-Extruder-Metal-Frame-Kit-For-Makerbot-Reprap-p-1070154.html?rmmds=search&cur_warehouse=CN 2. E3D V6 GENUINE NOZZLE - https://www.filastruder.com/collections/e3d-spare-parts-and-accessories/products/e3d-spare-nozzle-v6?variant=755000273 3. E3D V6 GENUINE HEATER BLOCK - https://www.filastruder.com/products/v6-volcano-cartridge-
  7. Putting together a Folger Tech FT5 with a 300X300X400 build volume. Prints great once dialed in. Here it is in action --- https://www.facebook.com/brandon.zulli/videos/1549889095028847/
  8. About to install this mod, as well as the twisterblocks for the axis. Any good tips on how to keep the axis rods aligned and square during the installation? Thanks again for the great design.
  9. Yes it is designed for the stock bearings. I was also initially thinking to use Igus bearings, but there are none with that particular size. I would have to use 2 smaller ones, but then it would be slightly longer and you would loose print surface... This one shows using 1 Igus RJZM_01_06 bearing but with a 3d printed bushing to compensate for the size, this solution would probably work for your mount as well.
  10. Also, the E3D V6 mount will use the stock linear bearings? Thinking of changing to an Igus Drylin bearings. What are your thoughts, and wil they fit with your mount design?
  11. Fast and concise replies as usual. Really appreciate your help Amadee! Not to concerned about heating on just a 19v, will be printing mostly PLA and ABS. So to clarify, will be using the E3D heater cartridge and thermocoupler and these are compatible and just plug into the electronics board without any mods, adapters or firmware change? Will be doing the upgrade soon, hoping it's not to difficult, and will be posting updates. Thanks again.
  12. Thanks for the reply Amadee. I will then stick with the 3mm setup. Are the stock UMO heater catridge and the thermocoupler wires compatible with the E3D heater block and the electronic board, or the wires/cables must be swapped. Also, what kind of firmware upgrade does it involve, if any.
  13. Hi Amedee, would be doing this upgrade as soon as I receive my E3D V6, ordered both for 1.75 and 3.00mm, as I'm building an FT5 and would like to upgrade to an E3D hotend. My question is what is the upside of installing the 1.75mm over the 3.00mm V6 for the UMO and what kind of works does it entails. Thanks again for your help.
  14. Received the lcd board controller and have customized the firmware. Currently printing the case and accessories. Please excuse my noobiness, but what exactly are the steps in connecting the controller to the UMO and how do I apply the firmware. Thanks Amedee!!!
  15. Purchase it and will be printing the case. If this works well, I might do the same for the other UMO. Thanks again for the help especially for the very visual and thorough explanation.
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