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  1. Hmm... that's very interesting... I can see in the layer view that the extruder is traveling from the outside of the left leg to the outside of the right leg... I'm running the latest - 15.02.1 The print looks very clean and I don't see any bulges on the leg that keeps getting hit. Do you have any ideas how I might be able to fix that behavior? Thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm trying to make a print of a Paul McCartney statue and I'm running into problems with the print head hitting the print. I've tried 4 prints with varying settings, and with all of them the printer makes it to near the top of the legs before hitting the right leg repeatedly. After a few dozen whacks of the print head, the leg breaks off either at the ankle or the foot causing it to wobble around for the print. Here is the file I'm trying to print: http://mpl.pm/3D_Printable_Paul And here is a picture of the print with the gap where it broke: http://i.imgur.com/sqY25qp.jpg I'm printing with T-Glase Taulman at 224° on an Ultimaker 2 and I've tried re-leveling the print bed with no luck. I've also tried a print with my fan off, at 30% and at 100%. I'm running Normal quality with the speed reduced to 20 for my latest try, but I've also tried just the normal print settings. I also tried enabling z-hop to see if that might bring the print head up enough so that it wouldn't strike the side of the leg - again with no success. Any ideas?? Thanks! Chris
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