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  1. I know some resellers sell Colorfabb XT as PET (recycle code 1). But I cannot find any mention of it on Colorfabb's website, even on the safety data sheet: http://colorfabb.com/files/amphora_sds_en.pdf. So I suspect it falls into category 7, "other plastics", which means waste will probably be incinerated. I've asked Colorfabb it XT could be recycled and the answer was "yes it is" without any other details. I'll get more information and I will try update this post, if anyone is interested.
  2. Hi, we are producing small objects (15 cm3 each) in Colorfabb PLA. We are happy with the result, we have a nice smooth and glossy bottom surface. We are now intending producing small series of this object, for professional use. This year we will need 250 units. PLA low glass transition temperature of 45°C is a problem. For safety reasons, we need at least 70°C. So I'm now considering Colorfabb XT. The downside is that it is not biosourced and I cannot find any information its ability to be recycled. Could you please help on this : - am I mad, intending to produce small series with a UM2
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