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  1. Thanks! Finally got my part printed.... takes time to get used to all those tweaks ...
  2. Thanks for the info! Will work more in Cura. I was wondering- should retraction be disabled when prinitng with flexible PLA?
  3. Hi folks! I am quite new to small printers like Ultimaker and I just got one myself. I am quite experienced with industrial machines from stratasys. But got myself an Ultimaker 2. I really need to print stuff from Flexibla PLA (purchased from Ultimaker). But I am having real issues with it... Feeding mechanism keeps on chewing it. I was lucky enough to have some parts printed half way and then feeder starts chewing the material. Anyone can guide me through this, would really much appreciate it! Also a tiny question about CURA, when printing with flexible PLA- well, as I understood you
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