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  1. Issue was submitted under the link provided. Thanks again for your help, I will try the dev version.
  2. UM2 Cura 15.04 TweakatZ 4.0.2 I have multiple prints of the same part that need fans on at 9mm Z. Problem I'm having is that TweakatZ does not reset at the beginning of the next print/part and leaves the fans on for the remaining parts. Cura is set for Print One At a Time. Any ideas how to accomplish this? TweakatZ documentation indicates a "Reset previous values when printing one-at-a-time" if this the same thing?
  3. I appreciate the heads up from Ultimaker. However when I look at this print head I see a design decision being made to market towards a dual extrusion setup vs optimized cooling for a single setup. There is no apex of flow here therefore, to me, makes a lower quality result than what is possible. That is against the mantra Ultimaker is bringing with upper tier results out-of-the-box. At this price point I think a revision of the fan mount is in order to compensate for the decision that has been made not to carry on with dual extrusion. A retooling of the bends in the current plate steel fan
  4. "Fans only seem to come on using the "Cool" section of Cura and no Tweak at Z activated." I'm mistaken, the fans did not come on at all with either control. I found that I had fans zeroed in the custom material menu on the UM2 itself. They need to be set to 100%. This seems to override any commands in the gcode. Whats odd though is that the gcode can override the other settings.
  5. Cura 1504 Tweak at Z 402 I cannot seem to get the fans to come on with Tweak at Z both in mm distance or layer. Fans only seem to come on using the "Cool" section of Cura and no Tweak at Z activated. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, I did some "google images" comparisons. There seems to be a tiny difference in how some of these steel units are bent to form at the factory. But the difference is under 1mm so I don't think its effecting anything. I will try some cheap methods to get some air blast closer to the right side of the nozzle before trying one of the upgraded shrouds.
  7. Thanks for posting this considering there is no trail demo of Simplify3D to justify a $150 gamble. ;-(
  8. I guess its not "droopage" as much as it seems to be "shrinkage"...
  9. I found a flaw in the fan design. Having trouble printing anything with a sphere. Print starts off well up to layer 8 then I see perfection on the left and droopage I the right. It's obvious that right side needs direct cooling like the left for prints like this. Trying to print the killstix Xbox controller stick extenders offered up at thingiverse. Any way around this issue other than to print the updated shrouds?
  10. Forgive me Lofrank, your original post led me to believe that you have not tried the 3mm yet. Your last post suggests that you have used 3mm and had problems with it. Have you tried 3mm?
  11. I am using 2.85 and 3mm without problems. Seems as though my UM2 cannot tell the difference.
  12. Thank you, I figured there was an engineered limitation in them. Do they mount to LAN as a //storage device or do you need a 3rd party app to read from them?
  13. Links submitted here and in the other thread do not exactly answer this question. Can anyone confirm that SD WIFI card can be written to over WIFI?
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