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  1. Hello Everyone I finally manage to print the whole file (a bit over 6 hours printing) twice! Cloakfiend Thank you for the insistence on repeating the Atomic pull. I kept doing even after it was coming out clean and after 3 or 4 times it started coming out a bit dirty again. Qmaker I also want to try different options to hold the filament spool. Cutting the right size of filament and leaving it loose works but its not ideal. Please let me know if you find a solution that you approve. I can not really point out what the issue was since I have: - Replaced the feeder - Got the filament out of the spool - Did the Atomic 25 times But the important thing is that its printing fine, I'm just fine tuning the settings now. Thank you all for all the advice
  2. Hi Labern, I went into a crazy spiral of information yesterday after clicking on your link hehe. I spent hours reading hundreds of posts. I haven't tried to print my file again but here is the present status of my battle: - I put the head of the print apart, cleaned the nozzle with acetone and replaced the PTFE coupler (it wasn't necessarily deformed but it was quite burnt on the bottom) - I did the Atomic method a few more times, so now the nozzle is super clean - I Unrolled and cleaned all the filament spool (right now I have only the UM PLA silver) - I cleaned the Bowden tube, cut the edges and used a bit of lubricant inside. The part that touches the blade is still damaged but till I get a new I can't do anything about it. - I found out I wasn't leveling the bed properly (so many hours printing and just now I discovered the screw on the back bottom part of the hot plate) So the first layers should come out better from now on. - I printed Robert's filament guide and installed it. - I also printed the test cylinders (https://ultimaker.com/en/community/5586-can-your-um2-printer-achieve-10mm3-s-test-it-here?page=1&sort=) The first two didn't come out complete but after doing the Atomic pull I got a complete cylinders printing with 210 degrees as well with 230 degrees. - I also printed some small test pieces and they come out perfect. - Right now I'm printing Robert's feeder. It should be done by tomorrow. Now my conclusions and doubts are: - The issue can't be the filament. Right? Other wise I wouldn't be able to print the cylinders and the smaller pieces right? - The issue is related to longer hours prints. None of the prints I did bellow 3hs had issues. - The file could be the issue. I haven't tried to print anything else that takes so long but I guess the code could have something that is interfering on the extrusion after some time. - I believe I covered all the basis to rule out the incorrect feeder tension and the blocked nozzle possibilities. But I confess I don't know when retraction is excessive. On my previous post Didier told me to limit the # retractions on the same piece of the filament, which I did (I used 0.02) but the prints kept failing after 3 or more hours. What do you suggest for me to do regarding retraction settings? - Also, there is one thing bugging me. After all the tweaks, when I was changing the filament the clicking and grinding started a bit after the material started coming out of the nozzle. I couldn't figure out why. How ever after a few times that happened I clicked ready before the clicking started and started printing. During the print no grinding or clicking. I have absolutely no clue why this is happening. I'm trying to cover all my basis before starting to print my piece again. Any insight regarding anything else I can do is appreciated thank you for the help so far
  3. Hi Thank you for the fast reply Labern, Yes the filament is being drastically grounded on the feeder and because of that I had to clean the Bowden tube a couple times. Someone mentioned the PTFE coupler in the previous post but we discarded the idea because the printer has very few hours of use. But how can I check the PTFE coupler to make sure it is in good shape? Robert, I did post on the previous one a couple days ago but no one replied and that is why I decided to start a new one. I'm sorry the ignorance but how can I be sure that the back fan is running? I can clearly see the 2 side ones but I didn't even know there was a back one. I have started with a generic filament that was terrible and the print finally started to come out better once I shifted to the spool that came with the printer. Is it possible that even that one could be the issue? Thanks again
  4. Hello Everyone, I'm posting this again because I couldn't solve my problem and I stopped getting replies from my previous post. I hope this is ok. This is the post: processhttps://ultimaker.com/en/community/17759-extrusion-stops-half-way-through-the-printing-process Right now I'm trying to figure out why the printer stops extruding every time I'm printing half way through a job that should take 8h to print. It has stopped in different stages of the job but it printed successfully for at least 3h and then stopped. I have gone through all the suggestions given in the previous post: several Atomic pulls till the filament was 100% clean and adjust the parameters according with Didier advises. Since then I already got 3 failed prints because the extrusion stopped. My concerns are: - what could be causing this if not a nozzle clogging? - could it be the file? - what else can I check in the printer to make sure it is all good? - could it be the filament (UM silver)? Please help Best regards
  5. Hello, I need to relive this post and I really hope this time someone can help me to solve the issue. I stopped trying to print this project and the printer wasn't being used since the last post. Today I got back to it and I already have two failed prints that stopped printing after over 3h printing. The half way results I got are very similar to the previous pictures I posted here. I did the Atomic pull several times before starting again and I also did it after the last print. What I found odd was that after it stopped printing today I did the atomic pull and on the very first try it came out like this: It was pretty much clean so I don't know why it stopped this time. My concerns are: - what could be causing this if not a nozzle clogging? - could it be the file? - what else can I check in the printer to make sure it is all good? - could it be the filament (UM silver)? Please help Best regards
  6. Hello, I have tried to print again and the extrusion stopped after almost 5h printing. Here is a picture of the result: I used the same parameters and same material. After it stopped extruding I did the Atomic pull a few more times and the filament was coming dirty again. However it looked more burned than anything else. Yellowshark. After reading your reply I realized my mistake before. I was heating the nozzle up to 190, since that I was using PLA and that was what I read in the forum. I didn't think that since the clog was from ABS I should heat up to 260. That would explain why I cleaned so many times and it was not efficient. Any ideas on what I can try to fix this for good? I have been wasting a lot of material and printing time over this. Best regards ps> I got a better picture of the situation of the bowden tube
  7. I did again the Atomic pulls, and as I expected it was coming dirty again, but 8 times later this is what I got: Regarding the parameters. These are the latest ones I used: I haven't changed much from the default settings. I already changed the minimal extrusion before retracting. This is just to show how it was before. And this was the first time I opened the expert configurations settings. About the feeder tension. The indicator is at the top. Regarding that indicator I have another question. I have tried to change manually but I couldn't. Is it just the case that it is really hard to move it? Also, something else occurred to me. I read in the forum that if the bowden tube get scratched can interfere in the printing process. I took a picture showing how the tube is looking now to see if there is any relation: I will try to print and will post soon if the problem is gone. thank you so much for the support so far
  8. Thanks for the fast reply Didier When you say several times, what number you have in mind. Every time I had to unclog the printer I did it like 5 times in a roll. We got the printer just a few months back and I don't think we have printed more than 150h. Just by looking the teflon coupler looks in shape. To be honest I just notice when it stops after some time - when I can see the gap between the nozzle and the print. What happens as expected is a lot of grinding on the back but no marks on the print it self. I wouldn't say there are more retractions than I used to see prior to this problem. this is the "successful" print this is one of the failed prints this is the "burning" mark, but its not very clear in this picture What do you mean by parameters? the Cura ones? Every time I tried to print I have changed the parameters and I have a successful and a failed print using the same one, so I didn't think that was the issue. Thank you
  9. Hello, Recently 4 out of 5 of my printing attempts have failed because the extrusion stopped half way through, after 3-4 printing. I am working with a file to fine tune the print (changing the file itself and Cura settings) and the majority of my prints have been wasted because after hours working properly the extrusion just stops. I am particularly concern because I had to do the Anatomy pool almost every time I tried to print. As far as I understood from the posts I read in the forum that is not normal. A few weeks back we had a lot of clogging issues due to using PLA filament after ABS filament without doing the proper cleaning. Since that happened I have changed the spool 3 times, cleaned the bowden tube, and performed the Anatomy pool method about 8 times in different moments. The first times I did the pool I could visually recognize small pieces of the ABS coming out, I assume they got stuck inside the tube because of the grinding that happened inside the feeder. However now I can't see the ABS particles anymore and I don't think it is possible that after cleaning everything up so many times that would still be the issue. Is it possible? Also my first print attempts on this model I tried to use a generic PLA spool. I suspected that the filament quality could be the issue and confirmed that the diameter size was varying through the length. Since then I have changed to the UM silver PLA. I thought that would solve my problem, however from 5 attempts I got just one good print. All the other ones the filament stopped extruding after 3-4h printing. One small detail is that I have noticed some marks on the failed prints with UM silver PLA that look like burned marks. I haven't changed the settings for nozzle heating or any other temperature setting. Could this be related to the problem? I would really appreciate some insights on how to solve this issue since I have been wasting a lot of time and material with it. Best regards
  10. Hello Anool, We are also based in India and after trying some really bad filaments from random brands we have been trying to buy better quality filaments without importing them. Please let me know if you know any good seller.
  11. Hello, I will get a little bit out of topic here. We are building a stand for our Ultimaker 2 at office, mostly to keep it safe from dust, since here that is a serious issue. My doubt is about the need of ventilation during the printing process. We designed a case that is about 600mm by 530mm by 530mm (h/w/d) made out of acrylic and plywood. The idea is to always keep the printer inside it, even while printing. Do I need to provide any ventilation system for when its printing? I didn't want to keep any ventilation slits because of the dust, but I worry that the heating of the printer might be an issue.
  12. Thank you all. That was really helpful. Just one last questions. If I use it every couple weeks, is it enough to keep it "oiled"? I don't want end up lubricating the shafts and the rods too much.
  13. Hello everyone, We acquired the printer not long ago, however we are not having time to use it as often as we wished. We were wondering if there is a maximum time to "not use" the printer so we can do maintenance accordingly. eg: is recommended to run the printer at least once every two weeks. Thank you
  14. Hello, I have been using the Ultimaker 2 for less than a month now with Cura 15.04. So I don't think my issue can be solved the same way but what Braddock describes seems to be what is happening with me. As I'm still learning the best ways of using the Ultimaker I keep trying different settings and many times they fail, when this happens I usually abort the print and start again with new settings. Lately (since I started using ABS, I don't know if it is a coincidence) every time I abort I have to retrieve the filament and feed it again. What has been happening is that when I abort it retrieves the filament further than it should. Some times a small piece of the filament breaks and stay near the nozzle and other times the flat bubble that Braddock describes happens. Also if I start a new print the filament is not pushed all the way up to the nozzle so it takes up to 2 minutes to start extruding. Is it a bug or is there a better way of aborting a print and starting a new one? Best regards
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