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  1. Excellent, I will give it a try after I print the important pieces for work that are on the bed right now.
  2. Our office just recently received our Ultimaker 2 and I am the lucky fella that gets to play with the Ultimaker2. I immediately upgraded the firmware and believe that I am on the most recent, if there hasn't been a new release in the last 2 or three weeks. (As of April 24, 2015) On more than one occasion, the display screen and controller has frozen. In fact, it has just done it 2 times in a matter of minutes. First when I was advancing material getting ready to do a print. I was using the move material function and dialled too quickly causing the familiar "tocking" noise of too quickly advancing the filament when the screen froze... no controls. I reset by switching off and on again. Next, I started a print and had just adjusted the build plate temperature after the first layer was done and was in the middle of adjusting the nozzle temp back down to 210 when the screen and control froze again. The print is proceeding normally an I am assuming that it will be fine until then. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced regular crashes of the display screen and controller. I have tried searching the new forums but am totally befuddled by the format and search.
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