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  1. I have just been looking, and I see a lot of price per print, but I don't see any where I can get it from that does it in bulk to keep costs down? Thanks
  2. Thank you so much. I have really taken on board what you have said and will definitely be looking into that, that's really useful information, i really appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for your reply! Its an phone cover with a compartment to put certain personal possessions in. And major time... your telling me! turned 18 4 months ago, left school at 17, been working 50 hours a week since to raise money for my business, all the time i spend not working, i'm working on my business, not an easy life, but will be worth it one day! And as long as it pays off, i don't mind! Really eager to learn how to do it! Thank you for your advice! Luke
  4. Thank you very much! where is ONSHAPE available to download for free? as I couldn't see anywhere to get it. Is there any other free software you would recommend using? I've been trying to use sketchup but not getting along with it very well, not good for finer details that i am trying to achieve.
  5. Wow! Cant believe all these great responses! I really do appreciate this a lot, its helping me loads! I'm an entrepreneur not a 3d designer so I'm having a little difficulty understanding some of the things you are saying so will do further research on the information you have provided. But this forum is really making me think I'll go with ultimaker with such good online feedback and help. I'll be downloading Cura and will be having a look at that, that sounds perfect for what i was looking for. A few more questions: How confusing to a complete novice in 3d printing will adjusting the settings to get the final print to come out as good as possible, is there a lot of guides on the internet that will help me get the best possible product? What is the easiest software to use to 3d model a product, as this is something I am struggling with, and may have to employ someone to do this, but I need to keep my start up costs to an absulute minimal so if i can avoid doing that, that would be great. Is there any software you feel offers a lot of help showing you how to do different things, and is easy to use, and obviously compatible to a 3d printer? I apologise for all these questions, but you guys are doing excellent! Thank you a huge amount, Luke
  6. Hello everyone! I'm an entrepreneur looking to get a 3d printer to prototype my product, and manufacturer it on a small scale until I can afford to take it to China. Is there a big difference between the original and the 2nd model? As i can get basically 2 of the original one for the same price as the 2nd model? what is the differences between the two? As i'll be using it to manufacturer the product on a small scale, speed and quality is probably my highest priority and that is why I am edging towards the UM 2 compared to other printers on the market in that price range. What will happen to the printer if its constantly printing? how many hours a day do you recommend? What parts are most likely to fail when doing a lot of printing? What precautions should i take? Such as keeping the room cool, as little dust as possible, a fan on the printer?ect. If my printer breaks, how long should i expect to wait if i have to send it off to be repaired? how hard are they to repair your selves? A bit of a vague question as it depends on the problem, but any information will be great. Do you have to have the computer plugged into the printer for the whole print? What are the best/cheapest filaments you can get for the printer, PLA and ABS? Whats the software it comes with like? ( I am a complete newbie at 3d modelling) The speed of the print varies between what quality setting I am on, can different parts of a single print be done with different qualities to increase the speed? I may have some more questions, i hope you can help me! Thank you very much for taking your time to read, i really appreciate it. Luke
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