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  1. Hey everyone, PROBLEM SOLVED, and it was really simple. The board that came with my machine had two little black plastic plugs in the safety1 and safety2 ports...the new replacement boards did not have these. I moved them to the new board, and it works. Huge thanks to Joseph at Fbrc8 for the fix.
  2. Update I hooked up a voltage meter to see whats going on with the boards. On both new boards, I have 24v entering the board. 0v at heater cartridge when heating is initiated 0v at bed heater when heating is initiated 12v at fan when turned on, fan works 5v at ulticontroller does this information help???
  3. @valcrow , the controller screen shows as it should. Set temperature to 200, it shows 25/200. Set bed temp to 60, it shows 25/60. Just doesn't heat up. Also, when I try to run the check up in Cura, it gets stuck on the temperature check.
  4. Hey guys, I have an UMO+, I've had it for about a year. A couple months ago I started having a problem where the machine doesn't respond to any commands, whether from USB, SD, or manually from the controller. I have replaced the motherboard twice, have the same problem across three boards. No heat from the bed or nozzle, no response from steppers. I'm thinking it has to be a software issue at this point? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. I'll check it out though, what should I be looking for?
  6. Sorry, I'm REALLY new to this, don't know how to read gcode
  7. Yes, I'm using cura and I have selected the correct printer.
  8. Alright, all other problems encountered so far have been solved thanks to this forum, hopefully this will be the last one. When a print is initiated, the print bed moves down about 10cm and the machine prints into open air. All movements are silky smooth, extruder is working, print head is dispensing, heated parts work great, but what could be wrong with the z axis?
  9. Problem solved, calibrated with Pronterface, working smoothly now.
  10. Also, when in the set up wizard, at the point where I am supposed to level the bed, it does not matter which key I press, up or down, it only moves down.
  11. @macua85 the print head moves to the front left corner perfectly.
  12. I just turned on my UMO+ for the first time and hit the auto home function. I was told that the z axis should go up to the limit switch, instead it went down, way down...and made a long loud ugly noise...what happened?
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm new here, new to 3d printing in general. I purchased an Ultimaker Original+ and I am having some issues with the assembly when it comes to the electronics portion. It appears that the wiring supplied is different from what is described in the assembly guide. Here are the variances: 6.5.2 Connecting the heater and heated bed: it says to attach the white wires to the heater 1 output. I have NO white wires. I have only gray wires. 6.5.2 Same topic, it says to attach the gray wires to the heated bed output. Now, on top of having only gray wires, two of them are capped together in a dual connector. There are only single connector ports for the heated bed output. 6.5.3 Connecting the Print Head electronics. It says to attach the metal sleeved PT100 plug the TEMP1 slot. My PT100 does not have a metal sleeve or a connector, it is just two bare wires. Can anyone help with these issues? Thanks in advance... -Bryan, USA, Florida
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