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  1. Thanks gr5 ! I will look into replacing a larger bowden.
  2. So far its still printing. Will only know tomorrow. . However, now I got a new problem :(. The print bed start to shakes/ vibrate when its doing the infill. I tune the speed down to 70% and it seen to not shake as much. My speed setting is Print Speed - 50 Infill Speed - 80 Top/Botton - 15 Travel speed 120 I did not change any setting under the infill and Top/Bottom. There wasnt any vibration where I was using the old cura software.
  3. Sorry. I forgot to attach the image.
  4. Hi Guys. I believe it could be the 3mm filament. I had another failed print and this time when I try to remove the left over filament from the tube, it much harder to pull it out. I'm using whatever 2.85 filament I have left to print now just to be sure. You can have a look at the 3mm filament brand from the image. I dont have a proper caliper to check if its anywhere more then 3mm... :( Do you guys have any advice or work around for this? Dont think I can request my supplier to change the filament to the correct size for me as they insisted that is not the problem. Will removing the tube or adding oil into the tube temperately help? Thanks !
  5. The 3mm filament is basic on the package of the filament. When i bought the ultimake 2 with the filament. The supplier gave me some filament in that size. So could it be because of the size of the filament that is causing all these problem? Is there work around for this?
  6. I just recendly change a 2.85mm PLA filament to a 3mm PLA filament. It printed ok at first, than I start getting problem like the filament wont come out and there will be a clicking sound from the feeder from time too time. Please help! I tried cleaning the nozzle twice already and it will still stop feeding the filament after a few hours. Im using ultimate 2 with the new cura 2.1.3.
  7. -_-u... It is the PlaysTV. THANKS iCe_00 ! After uninstall it. I haven't got that problem.
  8. Hi. Sorry for the late reply. Here is the logs. Hope I did this right. Thanks https://www.dropbox.com/s/rjjbn27f50g07hf/Desktop.zip?dl=0
  9. Hi! I cant seen to get my Cure to run. I tried Cura 2.1.2 and it crash ( Cura.exe has stopped working ) I also tried all the older version of cura and it also crash ( pythonw.exe error ) I updated my graphic card but still having the same problem. I really dont know what to do. Please help.
  10. will using a different slicer help? or some other slicer with better support generater?
  11. Here is a video I shoot. Was trying to print a 5cm size sphere. I set the print bed temperature to '0', print speed at 20 and fan at 100%... as you can see its still may give that deform bottom... I know I may have to break my model into parts to solve this problem. But I just trying to find ways to minimize the need for that. Tried the customize temperature setup. Nice! I did not know that. Still which to have cura have the temperature setting back in. I sometime forget to set the temperature first before i start to print. I dont want to change it half way as it will easily break on the lay that the temperature was changed.
  12. I can over-right the default PLA temp? I will try it tomorrow! I think I going to off the heated bed first and maybe applying the glue stick to try the rounded base print. Still... now Im puzzled by why I dont have the temperature setup in my cura?
  13. Why my cura does not have the temperature setting? I only got the speed setting... :(
  14. So far. Most object I printed are ok as it has a flat base. I only notice this problem when I start printing my own model ( round base object ). Yes the flowrate is 100. I think i am using Ultimaker's filament ( my first roll ). I not sure about the diameter I will need to check tomorrow. Over extruding? but after it printed to a high, it start to look normal.
  15. By default, My print temperature will always go to 210. But I want it to always start with 200 or lesser. How do I do that in cura?
  16. Something Like this. Sorry for the drawing.
  17. By the why. Can I preset the temperature in Cura instead of doing it everytime I start a print? I know there is the Tweak At Z plugin but how do I set it? like the Z height to weak at? Layer no. to tweak at? No. of Layer used for change???
  18. Yes SandervG! Im using Ultimaker2. How do I set 60micron in Cura? 0.06mm? Hmm... I will try that. What about the other problem? I notice the nozzle been pushed against the printed object like rubber. Is my print bed set to close to the nozzle?
  19. I did use meshmixer for this print but as I found out there will be alot of small bumps as its generated to support the rounded base. Has anyone successfully printed something like a sphere/ Xmas ornament in one print? Good cooling? You mean it has to cool the PLA faster to get a nicer shape? How do I mod my ultimater2 for this? I got limited resources...
  20. I got this strange dripping artifacts on the bottom of my 3d model. I know is cost by overhands but is there a way to fix this problem like temperate or print speed? I tried speed 30 and Temperate at 200 using PLA. I also notice that from the start of the bottom print. The nozzle is pushed into the printed base as it slowly print up from the bottom of the rounded base. Is my print bed set to close to the nozzle that it does not have enough space for the filament to set? [/media]
  21. Hi Guys! Just got my Ultimaker 2. Would like to know what are the must have 3D print mod I should do first on my Ultimaker 2? The Ultimaker Cable Chain? The new feeder from robert? The dust filter ? ( Where do I place this dust filter at? before the filament goes into the tube? ) Need advice. Thanks !!!
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