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  1. Thanks so much for your help!

    I have made the changes suggested, except for the travel speed - when I set it to 150mm/s Cura highlighted it yellow suggesting it was too high. So i made it 140mm/s. But everything else is as you suggest above.

    However...it is still not printing well! See photo attached. The PLA doesn't seem to be sticking properly.

    Any more suggestions?

    Thank you




  2. Hi

    I'm trying to do some basic name places on my Ultimaker 2 (using Sketchup and Cura) but I'm struggling to print at a good quality. I've tried changing my settings, but haven't yet found a way to improve the quality!

    Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should change? Hopefully you can view the gallery album below to see what they currently look like and the settings i'm using...



    Screen Shot 2015 04 11 At 14.07.35Screen Shot 2015 04 11 At 14.07.40IMG 7452IMG 7453IMG 7454


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