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  1. I had the same sound as you have. Some times the feeder motor even stall during the loading procedure. Its easy to fix it. Remove your feeder and realign that metal plate. Hole in the metal plate should align exactly with hole in back panel. Mine was slightly off center and there was probably more friction in the gears as it should be. Hynek
  2. After a while i was able to track the issue to i18n/gettext.find() function. And the conclusion is that all .po language files needs to be converted to .mo files. So it is not a Cura issue, it just needs to be done manually when building from source Its much better now to see the translated strings where they belongs. Thanks for your help.
  3. Settings->Preferences->View->Display Overhang This feature highlights these areas in red. Not sure if this feature was also in older versions, but in beta 15.10 is present. Hynek
  4. Config file (.config/cura/cura.cfg) is ok: language = fr which corresponds with the setting in Cura.
  5. The same error happened to me right now with latest 15.10. Normal quality profile was selected and it sliced the model well. But after the support disabling the error appeared. Here is the log: 2015-09-23 16:06:13,346 - DEBUG - Preparing to send slice data to engine.2015-09-23 16:06:13,431 - DEBUG - Sending data to engine for slicing.2015-09-23 16:07:02,636 - DEBUG - Setting value of setting support_enable to False2015-09-23 16:07:03,138 - DEBUG - Preparing to send slice data to engine.2015-09-23 16:07:03,139 - WARNING - The setting skirt_line_count has an invalid value of True2015-09-23
  6. Here is the log: 2015-09-23 15:41:52,780 - INFO - Loaded plugin ConsoleLogger2015-09-23 15:41:52,785 - INFO - Loaded plugin WireframeView2015-09-23 15:41:52,788 - INFO - Loaded plugin MeshView2015-09-23 15:41:52,868 - INFO - Checking for new version of cura2015-09-23 15:41:52,871 - INFO - Loaded plugin UpdateChecker2015-09-23 15:41:52,896 - INFO - Loaded plugin FileLogger2015-09-23 15:41:52,905 - INFO - Loaded plugin MirrorTool2015-09-23 15:41:52,936 - INFO - Loaded plugin RotateTool2015-09-23 15:41:52,940 - INFO - Loaded plugin SelectionTool2015-09-23 15:41:52,945 - INFO - Loaded plugin T
  7. Thanks, it works now. I had some other issues but mainly due to my mistake. I forgot to switch to 15.10 branch But one issue still persist. I'm not able to change the Cura language. After the application restart, everything is still in English. The reason why I do this is to setup the test environment for my colleague which do the translation to Czech language. Do you have any advice how to fix the language problem? Thank you, Hynek
  8. No I didn't. That solved my issue! Thank you! Now I'm able to start the Cura. But it seems that there are some more errors to resolve ERROR - Unable to find backend executable: /home/hyna/3dtisk/cura_dev/bin/CuraEngine H.
  9. Hi, has anyone an experience with building the latest Cura from the source on Fedora? I followed the commands from Ubuntu build script and everything passed without any errors. But when i try to run Cura, it gives me the following error: Traceback (most recent call last): File /"cura_app.py/", line 14, in import cura.CuraApplication File "/home/hyna/3dtisk/cura_dev/Cura/cura/CuraApplication.py", line 4, in from UM.Qt.QtApplication import QtApplicationImportError: No module named 'UM' Any suggestions? Thank you, Hynek
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