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  1. If I use the Marlin gcode flavour do I need to change any machine settings?
  2. Hi Imusing and Ultimaker 2 with Cura 4.4.x but cannot get it show the weight of the model after slicing. See the attached image. I have the price and spool weight entered in the printer profile but the rest of the boxes are greyed out. Am I missing something or is this not possible? The people I work for have a spreadsheet cost calculator that works by weight and not lenght of material used. Any help welcome. Regards Graeme
  3. I'll ask this another way. Is it possible to use an UM3 printhead on a UM2? I know the wiring is different with the pcb in the print head but surley the other end of the cable could be adapted to the UM2. Regards Graeme
  4. Hi all Has anyone modified their UM2 to use the print cores rather than the standard hot end? If so please point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance Graeme
  5. Sorry about the late reply. I have thoroughly checked the printer. Here is the current status, UM2 original except for the Buildtak base in place of the glass bed. Latest Ultimaker firmware uploaded from Cura 4.3.x. It prints as it should, no temperature over shoot. I reloaded the E3D volcano and tried printing with PLA settings and every thing went ok. What I want to do is to have a system to print at higher termperatures in a controlled enviornment with a hood and door with extraction for ABS etc. This is where the Tinkergnome firmwarecome in as before compiling I can set the maximum temperature and reduced build area with the E3D volcano hotend. Any recommendations to achive this are greatly appreciated. Regards Graeme
  6. It's an Ultimaker 2, factory reset done, latest firmware, not sure which version, installed through Cura. Upgraded with Titan extruder from E3D, E3D PT100 temperature sensor, Olson Block and BuildTak bed kit using the standard UM heated bed. Everything else is stock.
  7. OK I have now restored the printer to it's original standard state, latest firmware and oslon block. with the hot end set to 100c it remains around the set temperature with the heated bed set to 40c it remains around the set temperature a PID autotune on the hotend set to 150c a 'temperature too high error is shown Could you please give me your views and advice on this. Regards Graeme
  8. informatin was wrong update to follow.
  9. It's not a cura nor a material nor a g-code related problem becaus in my original post it points to hardware. It seems the standard power supply, UK, is not up to supplying the extra power needed for the E3D Volvano hot end. One of our suppliers indicated the power supply issue, it's one thing I hadn't considered. The original power supply is 9.7 amp so goning to try a 12.5 amp because the Volcano uses a more powerful heater element.
  10. Hi all I've an over heating bed that just keeps on heating at the start of a print cycle. The print will start if I manualy set the bed temperature to zero. The bed can be held steady by manualy setting it from the from panel. The bed stays cold when printer first switched on. The hardware checks out ok with a multimeter, element reads zero ohms, sensor reads 100 ohms, no errors reported on front panel. So what's going on? Advice welcome. Regards graeme
  11. Hi Thanks for the reply. Yes nozzle 1 holds it's temperature throgh out a print of a one colour model. It also holds the temperature during a two colour print. The issue is it only prints the first one or two layers on the first nozzle then stops extuding. I use PLA normally about 205 degrees but increasing this to 225 makes no differnce, yet If i print a single colour model immediatally after the failure of the two colour model there is no issue. Even a change of colour of PLA makes no difference. Graeme
  12. Thing is the second nozzle is held at a lower temperature but its the first nozzle after about the 2nd layer it's loosing extrusion.
  13. Hi all I have an ultimaker2 with two Olsen Blocks, using Cura 4.2.x. My problem is that if I print a model with one colour it works fine. However when I create a two colour model with inlaid numbers only the first 2 layers print correctly and then it seems to loose extrusion. But when I abort and try another single colour with the same nozzle it prints fine. Slowing down the entire process and raising nozzle temperature doesn't fix the problem. Any suggestions on how to fix the issue welcome. Regards Graeme
  14. Has NO ONE any experience of a Volcano on an Ultimaker 2 !?! The PID Autotune overshoots and shuts down even at a target of 100c yet when I heatup the nozzle to 100c it goes to 140 and then settles down to plus or minus a few degrees. Doing a manual tune following various links doen't work either. Any Ideas on setting or what to do? Regards
  15. I've upgraded my UM2 to use the E3D Volcano hotend. It's wired up and working. However when I try the PID autotune using Tinkergnome firmware it runs riot and vastly overshoots by upto 30 degrees but comes down ok. But when I try to print the printer resets itself during the heating up cycle. If anyone has this setup please suggest PID numbers for me to start at. Thanks Graeme
  16. I load a model orintate as required, change any settings then slice. Thats when the error arises.
  17. Hi all I have the same problem as other with the dreaded 'Layer Processing' never finishing. The layers are shown as are the sliders to the right of the model enviornment box. This happens despite clearing the computer of all versions of Cura, I'm using 3.5, restarting, using CCleaner to clean the Registry etc. What's going on? How is it resolved? All help welcome. Regards Graeme Craig
  18. I redefined the machine set up in 2.7.0 and got the second extruder settings for support and selected successfully. But the printer still only prints with one nozzle, I can swap the extruders round and the support, which is on the second extruder, prints OK. So I must be missing something else. The images below show the current setup.
  19. Hi Tinkergnome Thanks for the prompt reply. I did a search as you suggested and this showed up What version of Cura did you get the values from and what machine was used? Thanks Graeme
  20. Hi Please help as I'm doing my head in trying to resolve an issue. I have an Ultimaker 2 that has been up graded with two Olsson Blocks, two Titan extruders and TinkerGnome firmware to permit dual printing. Dual printing works fine while using PLA in both extruders and Cura 15.xx I want to print with PVA as support material, I know this can be a difficult procedure. I've installed Cura 2.7.0 which allows a different print speed for printing support. The issue is when I try printing the machine always uses the PLA for support that is in extruder 1 not the PVA in extruder 2. How do I tell Cura 2.7 to use the second extruder for support? If you can help I welcome or point me to various threads on this forum that covers these issues. Thanks Graeme
  21. This pic shows the first layer. The square in the top right is the wipe tower for extruder 1 (PLA) followed by the circle. The the head moved to front just to the right of the small dot at the front right of the heated bed, then moved to the back for the second sqaure (the one on the left) I assume this should have been the soluble support wipe tower. It was at this stage that I stopped the print run. This second pic shows the printer profile settings. I hope this gives some insight.
  22. As I mentioned earlier with Cura 15.xx both nozzles work as expected but from reading on these pages a slower speed is required for the PVA as to the PLA, Cura 15.xx doesn't seem to support. Cura 2.6.x does but when I select Ultimaker 2 Dual there is no facility for reduced printing speed on the support nozzle so it just supports from extruder 1. Neither does Ultimaker 2+, Ultimaker 3 does but prints a second prime tower with extruder 1 instead of extruder 2 (under but default was Reprap so I changed this to Ultimaker 2 under the profile setting). I'll upload a picture later today.
  23. Hi all I've sucessfully modified and printed in two colours with a UM2 with two Olsson blocks. I've been experimenting with PVA soluble support with varying degrees of success. I've used Cura 15.xx with success but this does not allow for two printing independent speeds ie model and support. I've also tried various options/printers in Cura 2.6x without success. When selecting Ultimaker 2 Dual there is no provision for separate speed for extruder #2 (PVA) but the support is printed from extruder #1. I've reconfigured the settings for UM3 to the ones for UM2, added the second extruder and this gives me the option of different speeds for the model material and the soluble support but it doesn't perform as it should. So the question is where am I going wrong? What am I missing in either or both versions of Cura? All help welcome. Thanks Graeme
  24. I'm using Cura 2.3.x but cannot set the cost of the material the edit button is greyed out. How can I resolve this. Thanks Graeme
  25. Got this solved. The origins in the two cad files were different. Thanks Graeme
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