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  1. Same problem here. The past few days I always get "Trying to print out of printing area". I have two different kinds of SD cards and the problem occured with both.

    I had a similar issue with the original UM2 firmware. There the printhead just stopped randomly while printing whitout any message on the display. Since I have TinkeGnome the result is the same but the printhead moves to start and the error message is displaied.

    I didn't seperate the cables yet. Only thing I did so far was checking the SD card slot. It seems to be perfectly clean. It is very frustrating as there is no sulotion to this problem yet! Any help is appriciated!

  2. Hi guys. I followed this thread for quite some time now. I also have the problem of bad looking top layers (lines not touching). With the extrusion testprint I reach 10mm3/s with no problem at all. So underextrusion does not seem to be the problem. I startet to increase material flow to 110% an I get pretty nice results. Is there any way to set the material flow in cura or do i have to set this manually every time anew?

  3. Hi everyone. I have a similar issue with large prints I do at the moment. Every time the print head gets to the far left corner I get underextrusion. Walls do not touch and I get the "tweet" sound of the feederstepper when it snaps back due to high resistance. In the front area where the bowden tube isn't bent that much it is no problem at all.

    I print at 220°C and 55mm/s. Layer hight 0.2mm.

    Any suggestions how to fix this problem? When I am home I will post some pictures.

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