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  1. Sander, tone criticism is a red herring. For you to suggest that I've been impolite is so bogus. I submit your developer vendor does not need protecting. They've obviously done this similar stealth / surpise technique on others. It worked so very well here when it was unleashed. Now it's been done to us and it is OUR business now to look into THEIR business and avoid them at all costs in any future dealings, either side of the oceans. To put it another way, do not think of referring them within the halls of THIS user community. It will not go over well. Your unannounced closing the enti
  2. Your biggest miss is 4 misses, actually. YOU FAILED TO ADDRESS: DESTROYING LIVE CHAT in the name of "marketing improvement." You have the gall to not comprehend how instant help when printing problems arise impacts your user revenue stream, order fulfillment, reputation, which was NOT occurring before you destroyed chat and is occuring now? That's cheeky of you. You failed to address any acknowledgment of USERS' lost revenues and lost opportunity costs out here in the field with your poorly advised and executed "improvements." You failed to disclose the name of the firm who are your DE
  3. Another hear hear! We could start another forum where we can dance and sing and discuss about 3D printing the way we like it. I would really want that place to be the Ultimaker forum though, the interaction between manufacturer and pro-users is so valuable. But if we can't find that here, perhaps we should start/find something ourselfs. @Daid, hope you'll be ok! I too hope Daid will STAY with UM community regardless of whether or not I ever get my old login-back. Daid will always be a software engineer, and he'll always land on his feet. His work is known throughout the 3D community, and
  4. First Sander was gone a week, now someone he wants to discuss this with is gone a week...we've already lost almost 15 days of continuity, images are gone, can't find valuable conversational threads in troubleshooting forums. Who ever sold UMHQ this bill of goods gets the baloney award of the decade. Then there is the matter of chat being destroyed and all those instant help resources. Sander, if you don't realize it, let me fill you in. New habits are formed in as little as 3 weeks. Some of us won't trust this site again for love nor money. And it's YOUR money that is gone, as well as a
  5. Sander, I'm still waiting for paasword reset fix as regards AOL. I have communicated with your privately about it using my AOL address which I much prefer. You privately replied and asked for several days to look into the matter. NOTHING has been resolved. Please attend to this matter. Your new, 3rd party website hosting webmaster does not apparently have the skills you were promised when you made this unwise change-over. How tough can it be? I also cannot receive aol NEW REGISTRATION confirm email. And it's been over a week now. I can't even find the "resend email confirmation" butt
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